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AAFP commemorates ten years of Cat Friendly Practice Program, launches brand-new standards


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The American Association of Feline Professionals developed the Cat Friendly Practice Program in 2012 to raise look after felines by boosting the environment and experience of a veterinary check out to decrease the tension for the cat, cat caretaker, and veterinary group.

The AAFP has actually been commemorating the 10th anniversary of the CFP Program this year and just recently launched brand-new cat-friendly standards, which were backed by the AVMA on Nov. 11.

On Nov. 2, the AAFP and International Society of Feline Medication released the 2022 AAFP/ISFM Cat Friendly Veterinary Interaction Standards: Technique and Managing Methods and the 2022 ISFM/AAFP Cat Friendly Veterinary Environment Standards.

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Dr. Michelle Meyer, 2021-22 AAFP president, revealed the standards throughout her address at the AAFP’s yearly conference, Oct. 27-30 in Pittsburgh.

” These standards are critical,” stated Dr. Meyer, who practices at Peacefulness Animal Medical Facility in Sterling Heights, Michigan. “They are not just necessary for anybody who deals with felines, however they likewise supply every veterinary expert with a structure to actually comprehend who felines are and other reasons that they act and respond like they carry out in the veterinary setting.”

Since early November, about 850 practices were designated as being cat friendly through the CFP Program, which is an AAFP member advantage, and about 350 practices were dealing with their applications. According to the AAFP, making the CFP classification shows that a practice has actually dedicated to supply the greatest requirements of look after felines and ensures cat caretakers that a practice has actually taken additional effort and time to think about each cat’s experience and care.

The 2021 CFP study (PDF) discovered the program advantages felines, cat caretakers, and veterinary groups. Participants mentioned the leading advantages as less tension for feline clients, a greater customer complete satisfaction rate with the veterinary go to, a devoted display screen of look after feline clients, and enhanced customer retention and frequency of sees.

Specific staff member can register in the Cat Friendly Certificate Program, with AAFP members getting a discount rate. The certificate program intends to construct understanding, abilities, and finest in-clinic practices for feline care on the basis of the person’s function within a practice. Since early November, more than 13,000 people had actually signed up for the program, and almost 8,000 had actually made a certificate.

The brand-new cat-friendly standards from the AAFP and ISFM were authored by professionals in feline medication and habits, who carried out a literature evaluation and made use of experience acquired from the AAFP Cat Friendly Practice Program along with the ISFM Cat Friendly Center program, which was likewise developed in 2012.

A veterinary employee approaches a cat in its provider with a soft hand, consisting of curved fingers. (Thanks To Ellen Carozza)

Dr. Ilona Rodan, co-chair of the job force that prepared the standards on cat-friendly interactions, and Dr. Sarah Heath, another member of the job force, provided a discussion on the subject at the AAFP conference. Dr. Rodan discussed why practices need to include this method.

” The No. 1 factor to do so is the well-being of the cat,” stated Dr. Rodan, owner of Cat Habits Solutions out of Wisconsin. “We are accountable for the well-being of our clients, as vets, as veterinary professionals, or whatever your position in the practice, and what that implies is we’re looking after not just the physical however likewise the psychological health of the cat, which is similarly crucial to physical health.”

Dr. Heath, medical lead at Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice in Chester, England, has actually established brand-new terms for felines’ underlying feelings and behavioral actions. Dr. Heath does not describe unfavorable or favorable feelings, for instance, however refers rather to protective feelings and engaging feelings. Her terms and the Heath Design of psychological health are utilized throughout the cat-friendly standards.

The standards on cat-friendly interactions and the standards on cat-friendly environments together cover all elements of a cat’s veterinary experience, consisting of the journey to the practice and interactions with veterinary staff member, along with the medical environment.

A few of the essential locations covered consist of the following:

  • Carrying out cat-friendly interactions and very little handling that permit the cat to have a sense of control and option.
  • Informing cat caretakers about how to decrease distress when taking a trip to the veterinary practice, consisting of provider training.
  • Developing an experience that thinks about the cat’s natural habits and changing the method to fit each private cat.
  • Developing an environment that thinks about and executes methods to decrease worry and stress and anxiety which promotes feelings and habits that felines discover soothing.
  • Making sure the whole veterinary group comprehends species-specific habits and private distinctions.
  • Comprehending how to determine the cat’s emotion and the subsequent behavioral reaction– and what to do in each scenario.

Since press time, both sets of standards had actually been backed by more than 2 lots veterinary companies throughout the world.

The brand-new standards and extra resources are readily available in the standards area of the AAFP site. Information about the AAFP Cat Friendly Practice Program and the AAFP Cat Friendly Certificate Program are readily available in the area of the AAFP site about these acknowledgment programs.

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