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Kia Soul Hamsters Were Charming, Attractive and Quick, Now They’re Gone


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That’s simply among the 3 things I can remember about the Kia after investing 3 days with it, together with the light-up speakers. However considering the Soul, the very first thing that enters your mind is “hamster.”

If that does not right a bell, enable us to discuss. Kia released the subcompact crossover SUV at the 2008 Paris Motor Program. It was a fairly unusual cars and truck at the time, however Kia was relying on it to attract a more youthful audience and increase its worldwide sales.

Now, marketing and sales go together. You can have the very best item on the marketplace, however that alone will not ensure its success. Individuals require to discover it, and they require to make a connection prior to purchasing.

To make the Soul preferred, Kia created a sort of mascot for their brand-new item. Los Angeles-based company David&& Goliath developed the very first Kia Soul Hamster Commercial back in 2009, and the video rapidly ended up being viral. The area is embeded in “Hamsterville,” where locals are still stuck running inside wheels that aren’t going anywhere.

At one point, a group of hip-hamsters come to the traffic light in the Kia Soul, and they’re listening to The Potbelleez struck tune Junkyard. ” Kia Soul- a brand-new method to roll” turns up at the end of the video, and you can’t assist however like this non-traditional technique to an automobile commercial.

This would be the very first discount video for the Soul, however it’s not always the very best one out there. We have actually determined an overall of 8 commercials up until now, if you do not represent the soundtrack variations. And our leading 4 options are the following.

The 2010 Hip Hop technique took things to an entire brand-new level. Kia utilized ” The Option Is Yours” by Black Sheep to send their message throughout, and hamsters have actually never ever looked so cool prior to. We have actually seen firms showcasing a specific item through contrast, however the metaphor utilized here fits the automobile market rather well.

While our primary characters drive a Kia Soul, other hamsters are stuck to driving toasters or cleaning devices. However the rodent legend was just starting at this moment. For the very first 2 years, Kia offered practically 100,000 systems. The Korean maker matched those numbers in 2011 and continued to increase that volume for the next 5 years.

Our 2nd option on this list is a more declaration for the Soul’s success. Kia certified Woman Gaga’s ” Applause,” a tune that has actually acquired practically 500 million views on YouTube alone in the previous 9 years. The story of this commercial is somewhat more intricate than last time.

The company has actually utilized a montage demonstrating how the hamsters are going through a total change, something which is somewhat similar to an old Rocky Balboa film. Naturally, the primary objective is to display that the cars and truck has actually progressed too. Today, the Soul-Hamsters have actually lost the “Kids in the hood” mindset, ending up being authentic super stars as they get in the red carpet.

With the intro of the electrical variation, the business required to make a declaration about its efforts to go green. And, naturally, they were going to profit from the success of the hamsters yet once again. This time, the soundtrack was supplied by Maroon 5. Their tune “Animals” is much more popular than Woman Gaga’s hit, with over one billion views on Youtube alone.

We can’t start to envision just how much it needs to have cost to certify this tune, however it could not have actually been less than 6 figures. The hamsters have actually now acquired researcher status. However changing the Soul into an EV appears to have had an adverse effects too. If you have actually ever heard the expression ” sex offers,” you may acknowledge making use of this technique for this video.

In 8 years, the hamsters went from being charming and cool to difficult, macho, and wise and back to charming once again. However through all these videos, the soundtrack utilized has actually played a vital function in attracting the audience and making the cars and truck preferred to them.

The intro of the 201-hp Turbo Soul was marked by the business launched circa 2017. This time, an ultra-fast baby-hamster called Turbo has actually gotten away the nursery and is making his escape of the medical facility. With Motorhead’s ” Ace of Spades” playing in the background, you can’t assist however get an abrupt requirement for speed.

While some individuals have actually revealed their disinterest in the hamster-Soul commercials, a lot of pet enthusiasts were hooked on the concept. And a fast search on Youtube or any other video platform will expose a couple of more of them that you may delight in. However regretfully, the hamsters weren’t going to remain permanently.

With the increase of the cryptocurrency market over the previous couple of years, Kia has actually chosen to change to NFT skeletons from the Dead Army Skeletons Klub. Like it or not, this is the brand-new pattern for the brand-new generation. Given that 2008, the Korean maker has actually offered over 1.3 million Soul systems, however annual sales appear to be decreasing. And it will take more than utilizing animated characters in discount videos to alter that.

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