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Is Wrecking Ball getting remodelled in Overwatch 2?


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Several times in Overwatch’s history, a hero has actually remained in such a bad area that Blizzard Entertainment needed to go back to the idea phase and entirely revamp them to make them powerful in the meta.

One hero that is seriously having a hard time today in Overwatch 2 is Wrecking Ball. While his set makes him exceptionally enjoyable to play in casual modes, he’s still a rough option in Quick Play, however a lot more so in the Competitive ladder where he’s a real rarity.

This pleads the concern, does Wrecking Ball require a rework? Many gamers would state yes and are anxiously looking towards the calendar to learn when it’s coming so they can correctly play as the hamster in Overwatch 2.

Here are all of the information about a revamp for Wrecking Ball.

When is the Wrecking Ball rework in Overwatch 2?

Is Wrecking Ball Getting Reworked In Overwatch 2
Image By Means Of Blizzard Entertainment
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Currently, in season 3 of Overwatch 2, Wrecking Ball is among the least-played tanks in the video game. The extremely clever hamster in his huge metal ball tank can’t cut it in the video game’s solo tank meta as he presently stands (or rolls).

When it pertains to tank choice rates in any of the video game’s modes, Wrecking Ball is at or near rock-bottom. When compared to present strong tanks like Orisa, Reinhardt, Zarya, D.Va, or Roadhog, Wrecking Ball’s playstyle simply does not accumulate.

The method he’s presently developed, Wrecking Ball is suggested to be a backline disruptor who dives in, knocks himself to the ground, deals some damage, creates guards, and rolls away to safety. This leaves the rest of his group hung out to dry, though.

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In Overwatch 1, teams were able to run a main tank and an off-tank, with Hammond filling the latter. He was able to truly wreak havoc on the enemy group while the main tank defended the supports and damage-dealers. Now, he’s on his own, and many gamers think he requires a rework.

As of the launch of season 3, nevertheless, there are presently no public prepare for a rework for the Ball. In the upgrade, a number of tanks were altered, however Wrecking Ball was not touched at all. So if something is being done to bring him up to snuff, it’s occurring behind the scenes.

Overwatch 2 is a live-service video game, however. It will continuously be upgraded and contributed to gradually, so it’s extremely most likely that some significant modifications will strike the hamster if he continues to have a hard time so strongly in the recently free-to-play Overwatch world.

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