Here’s a take a look at a brand-new The Brothers’ War card pertaining to paper Magic and Magic Arena



Wizards of the Coast has actually supplied us with another special Magic Arena card (that’s likewise pertaining to paper Magic naturally): Audacity. It’s set to debut in the The Brothers’ War set, which is out on November 11 by means of pre-release, November 15 in Arena, and November 18 in paper Magic

As a tip, here’s a fast rundown of the tradition for the release, to set the state of mind:

” Through wicked ways, the wicked Phyrexians develop a grip on Dominaria. They covertly change common residents into lethal sleeper representatives who set about their lives, oblivious of their brand-new function. As word of the Phyrexian attack spreads, individuals of Dominaria effort to unite as the sleeper representatives threaten to tear them apart.”

The Brothers’ War is going to have all sorts of tradition ramifications, and follows the Dominaria United set that gotten here back in September. From here, we’ll be diving even further into the story of the Phyrexians, with Phyrexia: All Will Be One, slated for January 2023. It’s a quite hectic block for Magic, as the Dominaria storyline/setting when again is striking it quite huge with the neighborhood.

Destructoid’s special Magic Arena card: Audacity

Magic Arena card 1

When it comes to the card itself, it’s a magic aura called Audacity that costs G, captivates an animal, and supplies a +2/ +0 and stomp bonus offer. When Audacity is taken into the graveyard from the battleground, you draw a card.

This is the sort of thing you would not mind attracting a lot of Magic formats, minimal consisted of. A low expense constantly makes sure that it’s typically playable (or extremely playable), and although it’s not a flash/instant-speed magic. Plus, the art from Rudy Siswanto is killer and splendidly showcases the direct dispute from the tradition.

As typical, I can’t wait to select one up and put it in a toploader!

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