Head O’ Meadow Walks To Commemorate One School, One Read’s Conclusion


Released: Nov 02, 2022 08:00 AM

Head O’ Meadow Primary school just recently commemorated the conclusion of its One School, One Read program by having trainees delight in the story one more time throughout a walk around the school’s back field.

The early morning of October 14, boards were established on display screen around the field. As discussed by Head O’ Meadow Library/Media Expert Beth Murphy, each class contributed a board, with the exception of kindergarten trainees who worked as a whole. Each board shared a description of a chapter in the book and consisted of an illustration.

Walking the field, trainees might re-experience the book while enjoying the productions of the other classes.

This year’s One School, One Read program at Head O’ Meadow had the whole school checked out the book School Days According to Humphrey, by Betty G. Birney. A description for the book checks out, “Humphrey (a class’s family pet hamster) is delighted to return to Space 26 and see all his old schoolmates. However on the very first day of school, a lot of weird kids show up and no matter how loudly he squeaks up, they do not understand they remain in the incorrect space!

” Lastly Humphrey understands that these kids are his brand-new schoolmates, and he triggers to find out everything about them. He hasn’t forgotten his pals from in 2015, and naturally they miss him a lot. However when they begin discussing taking him from Mrs Brisbane’s space, Humphrey gets unsqueakably anxious. How could he state goodbye to Mrs Brisbane and Og– not to discuss his brand-new pals– for great?”

” Everyone appears to like the book,” stated Murphy, prior to the very first class of trainees ventured outside the school to stroll the “book.”

Every trainee in the school got a copy of the book thanks to the school’s PTA. The month was filled with activities. Murphy stated reading School Days According to Humphrey near the start of the academic year assisted trainees experience the start of school together with the book’s primary character.

As a class made its method outside to stroll and check out, trainees started to excitedly discuss what they saw.

” There’s our board!” one trainee explained.

Quickly trainees were gathered in little groups around the very first board and excitedly strolling to the next board along the course.

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Head O’ Meadow Library/Media Expert Beth Murphy holds a copy of School Days According to Humphrey near the start of a book walk on October 14.
— Bee Photos, Van

Head O’ Meadow trainees checked out a story board set around the school’s back field on October 14 as part of the last One School, One Read event.

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