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So, you have actually simply embraced the most charming little hamster. To assist your brand-new good friend live his finest life, he’ll require a big adequate cage to burrow around in, healthy food to consume and, naturally, a method to work out in his cage. Get in the hamster wheel.

Operating on a wheel is vital for keeping him fit– if your hamster does not get enough workout, he can end up being obese (which would put a stress on his heart and lungs, and might reduce his life span). And due to the fact that hamsters are naturally curious, they like psychologically revitalizing toys. Working out on his wheel can keep your hamster from being stressed out and agitated.

” Hamsters can run for miles in the wild each night, so truly take pleasure in wheels in captivity,” Dr. Hilary Jones, primary veterinary officer at DodoVet (and previous hamster moms and dad!), informed The Dodo. “It’s not something they require to be taught. While a few of my hamsters were a little on the lazy side, in basic, hamsters will naturally require to a wheel and immediately begin running.”

The very best hamster wheels will have a strong running surface area and are big enough so your hamster can run securely without flexing his back (and because he’ll be utilizing it a lot, benefit points if it does not make sounds while in usage!).

We talked to Dr. Jones for more insight on how to discover the very best hamster wheels and devices. Here are our leading choices:

What to try to find in a hamster wheel

When it pertains to the very best hamster wheel for your brand-new BFF, there are a couple of things to think about, according to Dr. Jones:

  • Surface Area– it ought to be strong (not wired) so your hamster can run securely
  • Size– it ought to be big enough for your hamster so he will not need to flex his back, or adjustable in size for your growing hamster (a minimum of 6 inches is advised for dwarf hamsters, while bigger hamsters, like Syrians, require in between 8 and 12 inches)
  • Sound level– quiet wheels are chosen (because your hamster will utilize it a lot, particularly during the night!)
  • Product– it’s individual choice here, as hamsters will operate on anything as long as it’s a strong surface area
  • Freestanding vs. connected– think about whether you want to have the ability to move the wheel around his cage or connect it to the side of his environment
  • Closed vs. open style– some hamsters hug the wall when they run, so a closed wheel can be chosen
  • Dish vs. wheel– dishes can use a flatter running surface area than a standard upright wheel; nevertheless, they do use up more area

The 6 finest hamster wheels you can purchase

A hamster wheel isn’t simply a toy for your little good friend– it’s a vital product for his health and psychological wellness. Whichever one you select, he’ll like revealing you how he can run!

We separately choose all the items we suggest due to the fact that we like them and believe you will too. If you purchase an item from a link on our website, we might make a commission.

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