Hamster Cuddling With Snoozing Owner Melts Web


A hamster has actually gone viral after its owner revealed a video of it cuddling up to him like a dog, leaving the web thrilled by the genuine program of love.

In a video shared on TikTok, the hamster’s owner, who passes the username Chrisdavies50, reveals his family pet hamster, Popcorn, snuggling into his hoodie as he sleeps, sleeping together with him.

In the video he discusses the hamster very first examined if he was asleep. After finding he was, the hamster participated in and they took a snooze together.

” What do you believe he will do? Escape? Run? Oh no no. He does not go anywhere without me, he’s not a regular hamster, he snuggles in up until I awaken,” Chrisdavies50 stated in the video.

According to information by PetPedia, hamsters are most active at sunset and dawn. Their front teeth never ever stop growing, and they have a dreadful short-term memory. Syrian hamsters are most likely to end up being cannibals if not kept alone.

It is unlawful to own a hamster in Hawaii, and you require an unique consent to keep a Chinese dwarf hamster in California or New Jersey.

The video, which was very first shared on TikTok in June, has actually considering that gone viral, getting over 2.1 million likes, 11,900 remarks and 25,900 re-shares on the platform.

A lot of users enjoyed the video and the bond in between the 2, while others stressed over their taking a snooze plans. One user, suisayga, stated: “I would be so afraid to unintentionally crush him.”

Another user, Becca, commented: “It seethes how he sticks with you, ours is on an objective 24/7.” And Eleri stated: “Hamsters when they’re looked after and enjoyed appropriately are so cuddly and caring. I simply want they had longer with us.” ichyMouse Minecr412 composed: “I’m in fact sobbing now due to the fact that of how brief their life expectancy is.”

Michelle Casey stated: “Your relationship is simply the very best. I enjoy your day-to-day videos.” And emily a, included: “I would take a bullet for him.”

Kiki Wild90 asked: “How did you get so close friends with him? Mine is a month here, he takes food from hand however is still so shy.” And Wildwolf8283 stated: “Wonder lovable hope not unintentionally smash him. Adorable hamster.” Ash Mac950 stated: “awww sweet taste overload.”

Another user, TaniaMehle22 commented: “If I was the hamster. I ‘d snuggle with him too.”

ElectricRainbowSkull included: “He actually stated Hell yeah nap time” And MaVen stated: “on the other hand mine leaves whenever opportunity he gets, I feel unloved.”

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A stock image reveals a hamster snuggling a set of human hands. A Hamster called Popcorn has actually gone viral for taking a snooze with his owner and the video has actually melted hearts all over the web.
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