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Hamster Cages: The 7 Finest Environments For Your Hamster – DodoWell


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Trying to find a hamster cage? We have actually got you covered.

The very best hamster cage need to have 800 square inches or more of constant flooring area that is not separated into levels, need to have the ability to hold 6 to 8 inches of bed linen for the hamster to burrow in (or two-thirds of the environment’s flooring area), and be high adequate depending upon the kind of hamster (and hence, hamster wheel size) you have.

” If you’re bringing a dwarf, Chinese or Roborovski hamster house, their hamster wheel need to be at least 8 inches in size,” Molly Flynn, a rescue specialist with Magic Takes place Bunny Rescue (and house to lots of effective hamster adoptions!), informed The Dodo. “And as Syrian hamsters are the biggest of the types, their environment wheel need to be 12 inches in size.”

We spoke to Flynn for some insight on hamster cages and whatever you require to need to be the very best hamster moms and dad ever.

What to try to find in a hamster cage

Although hamsters are a few of the tiniest family animals, they really require a good quantity of area to live their finest life (the basic viewpoint amongst hamster lovers is the larger the cage, the much better– area allowing).

Expense ought to likewise be thought about, as hamster cages come at a range of cost points. Some cages include crucial hamster devices integrated in (more details on that listed below) that you ‘d require to purchase anyhow, so keep that in mind when shopping!

And finally, you’ll wish to think about the kinds of products that hamster cages are constructed out of and what type of ventilation they use.

The most typical products hamster cages are made from are wire, glass and plastic.

Wire offers excellent ventilation, however hamsters may be lured to chew on the bars (which can be loud) and will often kick their bed linen outside the cage. Glass or plastic cages aren’t also aerated and can be more difficult to clean up however let you see your hamster completely (and avoid chewing on the cage!). Glass likewise keeps the proper heat gradient more securely and quickly, which is necessary for hamsters so they do not start hibernating. Glass cages tend to be more expensive compared to plastic cages.

The 7 finest hamster cages to purchase

What to put in your hamster’s cage

What’s within your hamster cage matters, too. Hamsters are hectic little animals who require to be captivated when not sleeping, snuggling with you and looking charming.

” There need to be a range of chews and hides (cork logs/rounds, hay hides, willow tunnels, branch bridges, wood hides, and so on),” Flynn stated. “Furthermore, sand baths are an excellent alternative for any types of hamster, as it assists them keep their coat tidy and most delight in digging in them! If the sand bath is big enough and you’re fortunate, they’ll likewise utilize it as a sort of litter box. When they do this, it assists make clean-up fast and simple.”

Shallow, 2-to-3-inch-tall plastic bins can be an excellent alternative for a sand bath, or 8 by 11 inch plastic paper trays. It’s additional great when the sand bath is huge enough to put the wheel in as it offers a great, flat surface area for the wheel to rest on.

When it pertains to remaining hydrated, a hamster’s water source need to be simple for him to discover.

” The water bottle need to have the ability to be quickly accessed and not too low to the ground or expensive that they can’t reach,” Flynn stated. “For plastic bins/glass [terrariums] that do not have anything to ‘hook’ the water bottle onto, Velcro is an excellent alternative! Simply connect one side to the back of the bottle and one side on the environment itself. Little ceramic or glass bowls work well for water as a secondary bowl alternative.”

When it comes to feeding, ceramic food meals are best. “Prevent plastic meals, as your hamster might attempt to chew and consume pieces of it if they’re feeling tired,” Flynn recommended.

Whatever your choices are, there’s a hamster environment that will fit your hamster’s requirements. When shopping, simply remember what’s essential: area, home entertainment choices to promote workout and stimulation, and simple access to food and water.

We individually select all the items we suggest due to the fact that we like them and believe you will too. If you purchase an item from a link on our website, we might make a commission.

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