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Was the snake CGI’d in The Glory church scene? Actress Kim Hieora spills the beans


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The Glory’s starlet Kim Hieora, who essayed the character of drug abuser artist Lee Sa-ra, discussed her notorious scene from episode 13 in a current interview with Sports Kyunghyang.

Episode 12 was a critical point for Kim Hieora’s character, as Moon Dong-eun’s (Song Hye-kyo) vengeance strategy made Sa-ra lose all her reliability and credibility in a church scene.

Sa-ra, under the impact of drugs, hallucinates a snake crawling towards her from the Garden of Eden mural and thinks it to be a representation of the dead Son Myeong-o.


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I enjoy how this specific scene tosses shade to the garden of eden story. Drugs represent prohibited apple and myeong-oh resembles satan(snake) who constantly drew sara into taking more drugs and now she will be tossed out of her garden of eden.#TheGlory2

While it appeared that the huge snake right in front of Kim Hieora was developed out of CGI, the starlet revealed that it was genuine. As equated by means of Koreaboo:

“I was resting on my back when the staff said, ‘The snake’s here.’ They revealed it to me and said, ‘Say hello. This is the co-star you’ll be showing.’ It was a huge snake in a box… I was informed the snake has actually been on several programs, so it’s a sunbae-nim snake.”

She included that the snake even heated up to her a long time later on, that made her showing it a lot easier.

“I tried touching it, and it leaned on me, showing me some aegyo. After communicating with it for a bit, it became much easier for me to hiss.”

Kim Hieora discuss shooting her PG-rated church scene in The Glory episode 13

she subjected her to all her weak points in front of everybody to see. I really discovered the spiritual referrals truly fascinating in this scene (the snake, the cross), particularly understanding how sara considers herself as innocent due to the fact that she repents and has “god on her side”.

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The much-awaited part 2 of The Glory was launched on March 10 on Netflix. It took audiences deeper into Moon Dong-eun’s vengeance and the numerous traps in which she damaged her bullies. One of the numerous scenes that acted as a near revenge for Sa-ra was her losing her credibility in her pastor dad’s own church.

In the now notorious The Glory church scene, Dong-eun establishes drugs for Sa-ra, who hasn’t had the ability to utilize them for weeks. She begins hallucinating and sees a snake from the Garden of Eden mural crawling towards her and thinks it to be Son Myeong-o, who had a snake tattoo on his thigh, and winds up mast*rb*ting in front of others.

In an interview with Sports Kyunghyang, she revealed that The Glory director and staff ensured that she was comfy and prepared for the scene.

“The director asked me if I checked the script and assured me that I could tell him if anything made me uncomfortable. He said that he believed I’d do a great job but that he wanted to respect my boundaries as an actress.”

She likewise shared that Lim Ji-yeon (who plays the primary bully Park Yeon-jin) and Cha Joo-young (who plays the accomplice Choi Hye-jeong) thought that she would be “the star of the episode” with the church scene.

“Anyone who wants to broaden their horizons as actors would understand. Lim Ji Yeon and Cha Joo Young also saw the script and told me that I’d be the star of the episode. I was not worried. I was excited to make the best out of the scene. I wanted to do my very best.”

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the snake in lee sara’s church scene in the magnificence was genuine??? HELL NO

Meanwhile, The Glory has 16 episodes in overall and was launched in 2 parts. All episodes are now available for streaming on Netflix.

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