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Jake Robert Reveals Name Of King Cobra He Couldn’t Say On WWF TELEVISION


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In the past, any place Jake Roberts went, a snake typically followed. Damien, naturally, was his most well-known, making routine looks anytime Roberts beat his challengers in WWF. But later on, others would sign up with the family. Recently on “The Snake Pit,” the WWE Hall of Famer confessed that he called the snakes himself. However, his King Cobra ended up with a name that could not be communicated on the air to the tv audience. 

“Because he was various,” Roberts said of the reptile. “And, I provided him a name however you could not state it on the air — Motherf****r.”

Known mainly for his in-ring psychology, Roberts did all he might to get in the head of his challengers. Being a spiritual man, he likewise chose some relatively fitting names for his snakes too. “I came up with the names,” he continued. “It just seemed perfect. Damien, Lucifer.” Then, there likewise came an Albino Burmese Python named “Revelations.” Regarding the King Cobra and whether or not it was more aggressive than the others, sort of is how “The Snake” would put it. 

“In a way,” Roberts started before clarifying. “King Cobras are different though, man. They simply don’t strike at anything,” as opposed to pythons. “Those pythons, you put them in a room full of 50 people, and they’ll try to strike all of them if it’s pissed off.” The King Cobra, meanwhile, would focus their aggression on simply one unfortunate target. And if other individuals occurred to be in its method, it’d just walk around them. Turns out, the snake was a respectable employee, too.

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“I even had the chance to run the ropes with the snake,” he included. “Run the ropes side-to-side, and the snake would run the ropes with me.”

If you utilize any quotes from this post, please credit “The Snake Pit” with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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