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Escape From NY Fan Film Call Me Snake Is a Fun Homage


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It’s March 17, and all of us understand what that suggests. It’s Kurt Russell’s birthday! A group of John Carpenter super-fans have actually chosen this event to launch their fan movie: Call Me Snake, a note-perfect tribute to the director’s 1981 sci-fi traditional Escape From New York, starring Russell as eye patch-wearing rebel Snake Plissken.

Call Me Snake, directed and composed by Sean E. McCarthy, occurs in the early 21st century, a time when free-thinkers and hellraisers have actually gotten away the U.S., where vices are prohibited (smoking cigarettes, drinking, gaming, swearing) and bigots have actually taken control of, with gay individuals and anybody thinking about spiritual flexibility paying the cost. In a lawless corner of the world—the properly called New Vegas, Thailand—an underground battle presents its challengers: the wild-eyed “Kabuki Joe” (Davis Noir) and a particular secret man (Matt Kohler) who’s “of few words, and a giver of even fewer fucks.” Guess who?

CALL ME SNAKE | An Escape From NY Fan Film | 4K

Yep, he’s a stone-cold badass in a battle, however he can hardly include his disgust and scary at being acknowledged by an admirer… or, egads, the sight of an umbrella in his mixed drink. It’s worth keeping in mind that the fan movie occurs in between the occasions of Escape From New York (which is embeded in 1997) and Escape From L.A. (which was launched in 1996, however occurs in 2000), in case you’re questioning where it falls in Snake’s own dystopian timeline. As we discover him, he’s not actively attempting to get away a specific location for when, however he’s absolutely still a man who easily makes opponents all over he goes.

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Escape From New York—its tone, its story, its setting, its surly hero, its unique musical arrangement—has actually been extremely prominent in the 4 years because its release. (Let us speak not of the long-rumored, much-dreaded remake.) Call Me Snake nails the qualities that’ve made Escape such a precious cult favorite amongst fans and filmmakers alike; the character with the babbling laugh is a great touch, as are the purposefully tacky minutes sprayed throughout. Hey, group Call Me Snake—can we get a Big Trouble in Little China tribute in time for next March 17?

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