Diamondbacks talking with Justin Turner


The group’s prospective interest in Evan Longoria was something we have actually spoken about currently this winter season. Another name was
, stating the Diamondbacks are “amongst about a half lots groups in on Justin Turner.” That would definitely be one method to resolve the third-base circumstance. Turner had a strong 116 OPS+ last season, though unusually, the right-handed player was in fact much better versus simply left-handed pitching:
vs. LHP:.275/.345/.389 =.734 OPS
vs. RHP:.279/.352/.457 =.809 OPS

These reverse divides use over his profession too, though the space is smaller sized (.839 vs..818).

The 2 primary qualms I have about Turner are his age and the expense. He turned 38 last month, and though his numbers have actually been strong, there are few gamers capably of publishing an OPS+ above 100 at that age. The last to do so was Nelson Cruz in 2019. On the other hand, of the 5 38-year-old position gamers to appear in the majors in 2015, all of whom played in 50 video games or more, the very best player was Joey Votto’s 87 OPS+. That was essentially a drop off a cliff from the 139 OPS+ Votto had the previous season, when he was 37, Turner’s age this year. The capacity for a Justimplosion is non-zero. even if his OPS+ has actually been at or above 100 every season because 2012. Regardless Of this, he’s most likely not going to be inexpensive. He made $20 million in 2015 as a Dodger, though the group decided to pay $2 million and purchase out his agreement choice (which included a $16 million cost) for next season. Is he going to desire an agreement that’s longer than one year? Even if third-base is a position where the Diamondbacks do not have an apparent possibility showing up, like they do at other positions, I hesitate to dedicate long-lasting to a gamer at this age. Furthermore, though a fairly small factor to consider, there’s a concern about his defense, which is going to be on the down side of the aging curve, to put it really

slightly. A part-time function as DH might ease a few of that. It feels to me that the Longoria conversations may be more along the lines of what the D-backs desire. Of course, it’s as much about what the gamers desire, not forgetting what other groups desire them. I need to admit to a kneejerk response versus Turner, who was never ever precisely among my preferred

gamers, on the Evil Empire lineup. Still, at one point I ‘d have stated the exact same about Zack Greinke, and I ultimately grew to value him all right!(*)

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