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Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill


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My Two Familiars Are Too Overpowered

Episode 10 of Campfire Cooking in Another World with Absurd Skill starts with Mukoda and Fel checking out the metal lizard’s environment. Upon even more examination, Fel recognizes it’s a Mithril lizard who should have consumed some mithril ore to change into a metallic-looking lizard. Fel utilizes his diffusible thunderbolt magic to murder the lizard, and Mukoda stores in his stock. Mukoda discovers some extra mithril ore and wishes to utilize it to craft some armor. Fel damages the ore since he argues his barrier needs to use Mukoda enough defense. He drags Mukoda out of the cavern so they can handle the horned-bull subjugation mission.

Fel and his buddies discover the horned bulls, and Sui tags along to beat them. After storing the horned bulls, Mukoda, Fel, and Sui have lunch, and Mukoda shares his Pepsi with Fel and Sui, who request more. Afterward, Mukoda and the others go back to the butcher’s shop with the belongings. The butcher and Guild Master Willem are shocked that they brought an uncommon and totally undamaged mithril lizard to the shop. Willem prepares to keep the mithril lizard here to serve it as a homage to the Royal Palace’s lord. He’ll likewise notify the king of Mukoda’s mithril mine discovery. He prepares to go over Mukoda’s payment and benefit with the lords.

He asks Mukoda to keep this a trick from others. Mukoda baffles their minds after displaying his collection of dead horned bulls. While walking to their quarters, Mukoda’s fretted that his serene life in this dream world remains in jeopardy. Fel informs him there’s no point in stressing which they ought to have some horned-bull meat to commemorate. They reach their quarters and delight in the steak Mukoda makes with the meat. Fel and Sui thank Mukoda for making their charming meals. Fel advises Mukoda to provide Lady Ninrir her offerings. After sending her sugary foods, Mukoda overhears the other goddesses in the God Realm.

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They notify Mukoda that Ninrir’s true blessings won’t suffice which they ought to accept their true blessings, too. Like Ninrir, they desire Mukoda to send them sugary foods as currency. He accepts the Goddess of Fire and Earth’s true blessings considering that they have an affinity with Mukoda’s present wonderful abilities. Meanwhile, Ruka, the Goddess of Water, sobs since she understands her true blessings won’t include worth to Mukoda’s toolbox. After having a touching minute with Sui, Mukoda informs Ruka to provide her true blessings to Sui. She accepts the deal, and Mukoda sends them all a batch of sugary foods to delight in so they can leave him alone.

Mukoda utilizes Fireball and Stone Bullet on a tree and feels he’s gotten effective. He asks Sui to utilize some water spells on the trees. Sui triggers numerous trees to fall, which suggests he’s more powerful than Mukoda. Mukoda practices his brand-new Stone strategy Stone Wall while Fel goes hunting. Fel returns, and Mukoda reveals him that he made a cottage.

Fel informs Mukoda he discovered a black snake and says he can provide it to Lambert. Mukoda desires Fel and Sui would value his effort however Fel asks Mukoda to make him a banquet to reward him. Meanwhile, Lambert and his other half Marie consume supper. The episode concludes with Lambert puzzled about what kind of bag to get for his other half for their wedding event anniversary.

The Episode Review

Given Fel’s large strength, it was ensured that he’d have the ability to finish the horned bull and metal lizard missions without a sweat. While it was terrific Sui provided an assisting hand, numerous folks might have wanted it would’ve been more tough for him to finish it. It would’ve been intriguing if the metal lizard was resistant to all kinds of magic.

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This would’ve required Fel to count on his animal impulses and functions to kill the monster. Instead, we get 2 simple bouts with among them occurring off-screen, which was frustrating and a bit lazy. If Mukoda didn’t have it too simple prior to, he definitely does now. While the extra true blessings don’t magnify his powers excessive, it’s regrettable that he’s not working for these power-ups.

Yes, he’s offering the goddesses food in exchange for the power. But considered that he’s a very abundant individual worldwide that won’t be a trouble to him. Although it’s a happiness to see our characters laugh, chat, and check out the world, numerous audiences might desire the anime to supply our cast with some tough barriers to change things up.

Overall, this was a great episode of Campfire Cooking In Another World With Absurd Skill. With just 2 episodes left in this season, I’m uncertain how things will conclude. It’s possible another season might clarify the program’s absence of barriers, however. Hopefully, we’ll get presented to something grand for our characters to deal with quickly.

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Expect A Full Season Write-Up When This Season Concludes!


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