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A slithery enjoyable time with snakes


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Excitement filled De La Salle Holy Cross College Junior School student, Kristin Kata after she found out that her class would be checked out by a snake for a couple of hours.

“I had never seen a snake in my whole life and I really wanted to touch it,” she said.

Her fear that the snake would bite her rapidly crawled away after she was informed by its owner that would do no such thing. As the worry vanished her guts took centre phase and it allowed her to hold the snake.

From her time with the snake she found out intriguing realities. One is that as soon as a snake requires to lose its skin, it hooks an area, discovered under on its underside, to whatever it might discover and, as she put it, “It just slides right out of their old skin.”

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What she discovered intriguing about them was that they were absolutely nothing like other animals and can move quickly.

By completion of the snake lesson, she believed she might perhaps have among her own one day however she understands her mom would never ever permit that.

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