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‘World’s hottest scientist’ Rosie Moore wrestles monster python with bare hands & ends up covered in blood


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A WOMAN dubbed the “world’s hottest scientist” has set hearts racing again – after wrestling a monster python with her bare hands.

Rosie Moore, who is renowned for her brains, brawn and beauty, ended up covered in blood after the hair-raising encounter.

Rosie Moore was left with a bloody lip after pursuing the monster pythonCredit: Instagram
The stunning scientist shared footage of the incredible encounter onlineCredit: Instagram
She wowed fans by expertly controlling the fearsome beast in FloridaCredit: rosiekmoore / instagram

The master freediver, model, geoscientist and wildlife expert joked that she had gone “full Florida” after incredibly wrangling the big snake.

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She donned a hi-vis jacket and a head torch in a clip uploaded to Instagram while expertly controlling the fearsome python.

The enormous serpent can be seen menacingly thrashing its tail as Rosie keeps a tight grip around its head.

She had headed out for a late-night snake search with self-proclaimed “snakeaholic” Kev Pav, a professional python hunter.

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But her 88,000 followers were left concerned after realising the adventure lover had blood gushing from her lip.

However, it turns out there was a more comical explanation for Rosie’s wound rather than the beast sinking its fangs into her face.

The stunning scientist explained she had actually injured herself while in hot pursuit of the python – as she ran into a branch.

She laughed as Kev suggested she needed a napkin to soak up the blood oozing from her busted lip, which she referred to as a “battle wound.”

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Rosie then shows off her crimson-stained teeth while asking: “Is that hot? Is it bleeding a lot?”

Kev, who is filming the incredible moment, then quipped: “We’ll tell everyone that the snake bit you on the face.”

Social media users were stunned at how well the 27-year-old beauty held her nerve while getting up close and personal with the python.

Rosie captioned the clip: “I’ve gone full Florida woman.

“And no, the Python did not bite me, I ran into a branch trying to get it. Always a good time looking for pythons with the best!”

The video quickly racked up over 5,000 likes while people flooded the comment section to share their amusement.

One wrote: “That’s one of those injuries where you wish it was caused by something cooler. Anyway, glad its fine.”

Another teased: “Where’s the branch I want to have a word with him.”

A third said: “Omg I literally thought the python bit you! Glad it was ‘just’ a tree.”

A fourth chimed in: “That blood screams dedication!”

And a fifth admirer added: “Rosie, you are such a bada**! So determined to get the snake and took out a branch lol. Love it.”

It’s just another day at the office for Rosie – who works with the city of Delray in Florida, USA, on their coastal water resources management team where she often gets her hands on fearsome beasts.

She dives with apex predators like sharks and hunts reptiles for a living, while modelling in racy lingerie on the side.

Rosie previously told Business Insider how she navigates her two contrasting careers.

She said: “As a model, when you’re talking to somebody and they find out you’re a scientist it’s almost like the respect for you changes.

“When people think you’re just model, it almost feels like they think less of you.

“Whereas once they know you have a respected career it’s like something flips in them and they think more highly of you.

“On the other hand, in the science world, I think people respect the fact that I model, so it’s interesting that it goes one way but not the other.”

We previously told how Rosie loves risking it all by diving with deadly bull sharks in the pitch black.

Rosie loves getting up close and personal with terrifying creaturesCredit: rosiekmoore / instagram
The geoscientist has become a social media star thanks to her thrilling adventuresCredit: Instagram
She can straggle an alligator as well as diving with aggressive bull sharksCredit: Instagram
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