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Woman with lifelong fear of snakes connects with python after death of husband


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A woman has overcome her lifelong phobia of snakes – by adopting a nine-foot-long Burmese python. Rosie Kin, 63, was terrified of snakes until her daughter Rachel Kin, 33, moved in with her last year to keep her company after her husband died.

Rachel had recently rehomed a six-foot-long ball python for a friend, who also moved in with her, despite Rosie’s protests. But after spending some time with the python, Rosie gradually began to overcome her fear.

So much so, that last month, she adopted Amun-Ra, a nine foot Burmese python, who she rehomed from a reptile centre that was shutting down. Rosie said: “A year ago I wouldn’t even step foot into a room with a snake.

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“Now me and Amun-Ra are totally inseparable. I couldn’t imagine life without him.”

Rosie lost her husband Robert Kin after he suffered a stroke in January 2022, aged 68. Rachel moved in to support her, but brought with her her pet snake Ruslana – a six foot ball python.

Rosie had been terrified of snakes since she was a child, and originally wasn’t happy with the idea of one living in her house. But she reluctantly agreed, under the conditions that Rachel was not allowed to get her out of her cage when she was at home.

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Rosie, a retired nurse, said: “My mother always had a fear and loathing of snakes. She wouldn’t even go to look at them in the zoo, and as a child I felt they weren’t animals that would be very friendly.

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