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TSA workers left baffled after woman tries to bring ’emotional support snake’ onto plane


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US Transportation Security Administration officials could not believe what one woman tried to pass off as an “emotional support animal”.

TSA officers spotted something strange in a woman’s luggage when she went through security at Tampa International Airport in Florida last December.

TSA officers were shocked when a woman tried to carry her ’emotional support snake’ onto a plane at Tampa International Airport in Florida in December 2022 (STOCK IMAGE)Credit: Getty
TSA workers spotted a boa constrictor in a passenger’s bag when it showed up on an x-ray at airport security in Tampa, FloridaCredit: TSA Northeast

The TSA workers spotted a large object in the form of a figure-of-eight – that appeared to have a skeleton.

When officers opened the bag, they found a 4-foot-long snake resting in the midst of the passenger’s other belongings.

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The woman claimed that the boa constrictor was her “emotional support animal” named Bartholemew, according to security officials.

She also said that the reptile had to travel with her.

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Despite her claims, airport security refused to let the pet on the plane.

A TSA spokeperson posted an image of the x-ray that spotted the critter on Twitter and Instagram in January.

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“There’s a danger noodle in that bag…” one post read.

Commenters on social media expressed both shock and laughter at the situation.

“Thank you TSA – that’s so scary!!!,” one commenter wrote.

“That’s NOT an emotional support pet!!! Good lawd!,” the post said.

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“I swear it’s travel size,” another user joked.

TSA officers often post about crazy creatures that passengers try to sneak on plans.

One traveler in Virigina forgot to take their cat out of their travel bag.

And in Wisconsin, one man left his small dog inside his luggage.

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