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Wickford celebration sees females scarred after dog bit her face


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The victim suffered a cut and leak injury to her cheek and a cut finger in the occurrence on November 12, 2021, in Wickford.

Andrew Anthony, 36, and Nicholas Salmon, 39 were sentenced at Basildon Crown Court on Friday following the attack.

Prosecuting, Simon Connelly, said: “Mr Salmon owns the dog and Mr Anthony supervised of it at the time.

“There was a little a celebration at the home of Mr Salmon’s previous partner in Wickford. The victim entered into the garden, the dog smelled her and after that bit her face and her hand.

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“She suffered a cut to the cheek, leak injury and a cut to her finger.

“There is still scarring and she went to Basildon Hospital for treatment. On April 9 in 2015 authorities took the dog.

“Salmon claimed she was drunk and on drugs and was being erratic. There is reference to the dog playing with children before the incident.”

Judge Samantha Leigh said: “As an accountable dog owner you do not leave your dog alone with kids, and it wasn’t here.

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“I am pleased it was a short-lived occurrence, something needs to have taken place for the dog to imitate this.

“Recollections might vary and something took place, no one desired the dog to bite anybody.

“The dog was not out of control or showing aggression.”

Sentencing Anthony of Whitefriars Crescent, Southend and Salmon of the very same address, she informed them: “The dog was not snarling or snapping, it captured the lady’s face as it had its mouth open, as that’s how dogs interact.

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“She says there’s still an impact and she still has issues with the cut around her mouth.”

Both guys formerly confessed supervising of a dog precariously out of control triggering injury and were handed conditional discharge.

The judge made a contingent damage order which offers guidelines for keeping the dog.

When it is out in public it needs to remain in a harness with numerous buckles, it needs to be strolled on a clip lead no longer than 3 metres, it needs to be muzzled and if it’s at a home with visitors it should remain in a cage or in another room.

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