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Why Is My Dog Being Sick? Here are the reasons behind dogs vomiting explained by a celebrity vet – and when they need treatment


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It’s not always something to worry unduly about when your dog is sick, but it’s important to know what the various causes are.

There Are A Number Of Different Reasons For A Dog To Be Sick - Ranging From The Trivial To The Serious.There Are A Number Of Different Reasons For A Dog To Be Sick - Ranging From The Trivial To The Serious.
There are a number of different reasons for a dog to be sick – ranging from the trivial to the serious.

Dog ownership is at an all-time high at the moment, with surging Kennel Club registrations and one-in-three households now including a four-legged friend.

That means there are a huge number of first-time dog owners out there who are paying close attention to their pup’s behaviour.

One thing that can be alarming is when your dog starts is physically sick, something that is fairly common in puppies especially.

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To help out, Peter Wright, Harringtons Advanced Science Diet Vet and the star of The Yorkshire Vet, has shared his expertise on the subject.

Upset stomach

Puppies, as well as adult dogs, may find themselves vomiting due to a minor stomach upset. You shouldn’t worry too much about this, as dogs typically get over it within 24 hours.  


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Vomiting from tummy upset is sometimes caused by overindulgence; in other words, too many treats. Your dog may like to try a filling science diet dog food that supports different life stages instead of overloading your dog with treats.


In more serious cases, both viral and bacterial infections may cause dogs to vomit, some of which are covered in your dog’s routine annual vaccinations.

Foreign bodies

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Dogs are curious creatures, and you may find your dog has eaten something other than food; these are known as foreign bodies in the veterinary world. For example, foreign bodies could be children’s toys, socks, stones or bones (or anything that isn’t a natural part of your dog’s diet). This can lead to vomiting as these foreign bodies can cause a blockage, preventing the natural passage of food and water through the gut.

Infammatory conditions

Some inflammatory conditions within the body can cause vomiting, such as gastroenteritis, pancreatitis, and hepatitis (inflammation of the liver). There is also nephritis, which is inflammation of the kidneys (often caused by an infection), and this can cause vomiting too. In these circumstances, a specially-formulated diet can be extremely helpful, or in some cases, vital.

Kidney problems

Dogs (and cats) can experience degenerative changes in the kidneys (commonly known as chronic renal failure). As the kidneys fail, vomiting can be a feature. If you see this, particularly if your dog is drinking more water and losing weight, a trip to the vet is a must. Often a specialised diet is very important in this condition.


Cancer is not as common as some of the other issues discussed, but with abdominal cancers in particular, dogs will start to vomit (just occasionally), and then as the cancer progresses, they’ll start to vomit a little more frequently. Again, this will set the alarm bells ringing with your vet.

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