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Wetterhounds: UK’s very first puppies of unusual dog breed triple population after almost being erased in WWII


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An charming litter of puppies have actually ended up being the very first of their kind to be born in the UK.

The 8 Wetterhoun puppies tripled the nation’s population when they were invited into the world last month.

Mike and Nicky, from Dorchester, purchased their very first Wetterhoun Aafke in 2020 and are now the happy owners of the six-week-old pups.

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But with simply over 1,000 Wetterhouns worldwide, they needed to go to the Netherlands to discover the closest male – Lex – to breed her with.

The remarkable litter consists of 5 males called Dan, Jason, Jonny, Billy and Ben, and 3 women called Poppy, Maggie, and Marlie.

Mike and Nicky purchased their very first Wetterhoun Aafke (visualized) in 2020

(Stabyhoun UK)

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They were born as part of a breeding program at the UK Stabyhoun Association which wants to grow a healthy UK population of Wetterhouns and promote their cousin the Stabyhoun as an active family dog.

A representative said: “Wetterhouns have a unique and captivating character. They have a calm and trustworthy nature and certainly have a sense of humour.

“They are categorized in FCI Group 8 – Retrievers and Waterdogs – and like to be with their individuals.

“Once they invite you into their family, you have a friend for life.”

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The set needed to aim to the Netherlands to breed Aafke and discovered an appropriate male called Lex (visualized)

(Stabyhoun UK)

Wetterhouns were typically utilized for hunting little mammals and waterfowl in the Netherlands, where they were established a minimum of 400 years earlier in the province of Fryslan.

Their name originates from the West Frisian Wetterhûn significance “water dog”.

The dog breed was almost erased throughout the German profession of the Second World War however dog enthusiasts had the ability to bring it back through cautious breeding and it is now acquiring in appeal.

Wetterhouns are understood for working carefully with their owner constantly attempting to remain in contact in order to understand what is desired from them, according to Stayhouns UK.

Their thick and curly coat is water repellent and objects them in all outside conditions.

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