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Watch a Fearless Dog Dive in Head-First and Challenge a Massive Hammerhead Shark


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Dogs definitely have a mind of their own and when there isn’t a human restricting their actions, they can get rather daring. That held true for the dog in the clip at the bottom of the page — it found a chance to satisfy a brand-new friend in the water and it went all out!

Are Hammerhead Sharks Aggressive?

Hammerhead sharks are active hunters that show aggressiveness towards their victim, that includes shellfishes, fish, eel, and octopuses. These sharks don’t take advantage of human beings, so they don’t pursue them, however they are rather protective and don’t think twice to reveal that very same level of aggressiveness if they are provoked. There are some reports of hammerhead sharks assaulting human beings unprovoked, though these circumstances are unusual. Their size alone is daunting enough (as much as 20 feet long!), so human beings usually keep away. Dogs don’t usually make their escape towards hammerhead shark-infested waters, so it’s uncommon for these 2 animal types to satisfy.

Hammerhead Shark Swimming With Other Fish
It’s simple to construct the shape of a hammerhead shark, even undersea.

©Gary J. Wood / Creative Commons

What Types of Dogs Are Good Swimmers?

There are several different dog breeds that make excellent swimmers. The standard poodle is one of those dogs alongside Newfoundlands, Chesapeake Bay retrievers, and Labrador retrievers. Some breed names are telltale signs, like the Irish water spaniel and the Portuguese water dog. Although lots of dogs can swim, even if just in a shallow swimming pool, for some pups, water provides a major risk. Some examples of dogs that need a drifting gadget or ought to be avoided water sources entirely consist of pugs, corgis, dachshunds, and shih tzus.

Hammerhead Shark: Friend or Foe?

The video listed below starts with a beautiful view of clear, peaceful blue waters. Beneath the surface area is an enormous hammerhead sharp. Its distinct shape makes it simple to identify and you can hear viewers admiring its size. The clip was taken in Exuma, Bahamas and it records a frightening minute. The next scene cuts to a wider view of the very same beautiful water and a dog on a deck simply above it. The dog leaps from the deck onto some rocks listed below and directly into the water for a great swim.

The dog handles to land right on top of the hammerhead shark and the screams from the viewers in the background are of both surprise and scary at the idea of what they may witness. Much to their relief, the dog just delights in a swim with the hammerhead shark, following it around the water. The puppy ultimately makes its method back onto the rocks after taking pleasure in a great dip with what obviously ended up being a rather docile hammerhead shark. Once the dog is back on dry land, the viewers appear in applause and cheers.

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Watch This Brave Puppy Make A Not Likely Brand-New Friend In The Water!

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