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Walmart ends online sales of dog ‘rape racks’ after PETA pressure


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March 14, 2023 | 4:06pm

Walmart has actually stopped offering dog-breeding restraints – gadgets that animal-rights activists have actually disparagingly called “rape racks” – according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The biggest seller on the planet was the only big-box retail chain to offer these gadgets, which are popular with questionable puppy mills, according to PETA.

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“The metal devices, also known as “rape racks,” are utilized to limit female dogs so that they can’t resist as they’re installed by males,” a PETA representative said.

PETA lodged a problem with the Bentonville, Ark.-based business on Feb. 23 and within 3 weeks the $139.61 racks were noted as “out of stock” on the website.

Walmart did not right away react to an ask for remark.

Listed as a “breeding stand” on, the description says it’s indicated for “large, small, medium pets” and consists of pictures of a big dog paralyzed in the gadget with straps around its neck and abdominal area.

The Restraints Are Indicated To Avoid The Female Dog From Biting The Male Throughout Breeding.
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“Breeding stands for dogs have been used worldwide with breeders for years, but that cannot justify their use alone,” according to a March 12 post on The concerns concerning the safety of the bitch throughout the procedure and the morality of its usage are all part of a raving dispute that has actually been going on for many years.”

The stands are normally utilized by breeders who “want to mate two aggressive dogs,” according to the post.

“Profit-hungry breeders use these stands even when a female dog is not ready to mate,” according to the post, which calls out breeders who utilize dogs that are simply 6 months old instead of the appropriate 2 years-old.

Animal Activists Have Describe Dog Breeding Restraints As “Rape Racks.”
Walmart explains a dog that’s required to mate when its not “ready” as “utterly gut-wrenching.”

“Nobody has any business breeding more dogs into the world already bursting at the seams with homeless ones,” PETA said in a declaration. “Walmart’s decision to stop selling these despicable racks sets and example of compassion and responsibility.”

Nevertheless, the gadgets are still being offered on significant e-commerce websites consisting of Amazon and eBay.

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