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Vet exposes typical dog misconceptions every owner ought to understand


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Butternut Box’s internal veterinarian Dr Ciara Clark is setting the record directly by taking on a few of the most significant misunderstandings that we have about our pups.

Whether you’re a skilled dog parent or you’re checking out getting a pooch of your own, a number of us will be guilty of purchasing into a minimum of a couple of of these misconceptions.

Dr Clark has actually assembled 7 of the most typical beliefs and exposes whether there’s really any fact behind them.

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Why do dogs wag their tails?

It’s really a misconception that dogs simply wag their tails when they more than happy or fired up.

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While a wagging tail can show joy and enjoyment, it can likewise suggest that a dog is feeling worry, stress and anxiety or agitation.

Dr Clark explained: “Dogs might not have the ability to talk, however if we listen, or rather, watch, we learn a lot about what they are attempting to interact to us and to each other.

“Tail position can show a variety of things from agitation to settlement, aggressiveness, insecurity to friendliness, enjoyment, joy and interest.

“Even the direction your dog’s tail is wagging in can be significant. For example, studies reveal that dogs wag their tails to the right when they are happy or confident and to the left when they are frightened.”

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Dumbarton and Vale of Leven Reporter: 7 common dog myths that every owner should know. ( Getty Images)7 typical dog misconceptions that every owner ought to understand. ( Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)

Is a wet nose an indication that your dog is healthy?

It’s really a misconception that if your dog’s nose is wet that it suggests it’s healthy.

The fact of the matter is a wet nose is regular, however that does not suggest that a dry nose is irregular.

“The concept that a healthy dog will constantly have a cool, wet nose and an ill puppy has a warm, dry one is not constantly real and, really, a dog’s nose isn’t constantly a good sign of how healthy they are,” Dr Clark commented.

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“Some healthy dogs naturally have clothes dryer noses and, similarly, ill dogs can have wet noses.

“If your dog’s nose is hot and dry, however they’re acting usually, there isn’t a cause for issue as the temperature level of a dog’s nose is not a precise measurement of general body temperature level.

“However, if a dry nose is present alongside other signs of illness such as loss of appetite, the skin around the nose becomes red or cracked or if there is a noticeable thick or discoloured mucus (green or yellow) around the nose then you should consult your dog’s vet.”

Do dogs consume turf when they’re unhealthy?

One of the most typical misconceptions out there is that dogs consume turf when they’re feeling unhealthy however in reality, we still don’t totally comprehend why dogs consume turf

Dr Clark went on to state: “While consuming odd non-food products such as turf might be an indication your dog’s diet plan lacks nutrients, vitamins or minerals, lots of dogs, with a healthy diet plan and who aren’t nutrition lacking, will still chew on turf.

“A typical presumption is that dogs will consume turf in order to alleviate an indigestion or to be ill.

“Some dogs will consume turf and after that throw up quickly later on, nevertheless, research studies have actually revealed that less than 25% of dogs will get ill after consuming it.

“That said, grass can be a good source of fibre that can help gut movement. Plus, there’s the simple reason that dogs might actually like it. Some enjoy the texture and taste of grass, so will always have a tendency to eat it.”

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Can you provide your dog a cold and can you get a cold off your dog?

It’s not real that you can pass a cold or an infection on to your dog and vice versa.

Dr Clarke said: “The cold virus is usually a rhinovirus and these are specific only to humans. They cannot be passed on to animals in the same way that a virus a dog or cat has cannot be passed on to humans.”

Are dogs colourblind?

Your puppy can really see in tones of yellow, blue and grey so this is likewise a misconception.

“The retina of the eye has 2 primary kinds of cells, rods to spot light levels and movement, and cones to separate colours,” Dr Clark explained.

She included: “While human beings have 3 kinds of cones permitting them to see various colour mixes of red, blue and green, dogs just have 2 kinds of cones: blue and yellow.

“While human beings see more colours and brighter colours, dogs have more rods than human beings permitting them to see more plainly in low light and recognize moving things

“Dogs have the ability to view various colours, however it may not be the ‘true’ colour of a things.

“This suggests that dogs won’t always have the ability to discriminate in between various colour balls they have fun with, however due to their excellent sense of odor, they can typically recognize their own ball compared to another dog’s while in the park.

“They likewise have a higher series of peripheral vision than human beings do and are much better at finding the tiniest of motions at higher ranges.”

Do dogs require range in their diet plan?

One of the most typical misconceptions is that your pooch does not require a variety of various foods however there are really a great deal of health advantages to them having a diverse diet plan.

Dr Clark commented: “Dogs have less taste receptors than human beings and can end up being tired with the odor, flavour and texture of their food.

“Their sense of odor is way more effective than their taste, so it’s not unexpected that dogs focus more on the aroma of the food they’re consuming.

“This is why dogs can discover a diverse and newly prepared diet plan a lot more attractive. A diverse diet plan is likewise excellent for your dog’s gut health and guaranteeing they are getting a good source of good germs which assists with food digestion.

Dr Clark likewise made some tips for what you ought to do if you have a picky animal.

“Dogs are drawn to novelty when offered the option,” she said.

“Instead of kibble, provide more meaty range, carefully heat the food to produce a more powerful odor or include prepared components or foods like Butternut Box, that include different fibre-rich components that function as prebiotics – which good germs prosper upon.

“This will awaken those delicate noses and make an old meal more interesting.”

Does dry dog food keep their teeth clean up?

Kibble or dry dog food doesn’t avoid oral illness and animal owners require to provide their pooches’ teeth a good brushing to fight it.

Dr Clark recommended: “According to research study, there’s absolutely nothing much better for your dog’s teeth than good old brushing.

“It’s 3 times much better than offering your dog oral chews and shown to be much better than dry dog food.

“Brushing your dog’s teeth frequently is crucial for good oral care, however not constantly the most practical or possible. If not, integrating both brushing and oral chews, like Butternut Box’s Smile Sticks, is a good option and can help refresh halitosis.”

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