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Two individuals, dog discovered dead in Capitol Hill apartment or condo fire – KIRO 7 News Seattle


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SEATTLE — A man, female and their dog were discovered dead when teams put out an apartment or condo fire in Seattle’s Capitol Hill community.

At 11:39 p.m. on Thursday, the Seattle Fire Department’s Fire Alarm Center got 911 calls about flames coming through the window of a third-floor apartment or condo in a building at 23rd Avenue and Madison Street.

When teams got here, they saw the fire had actually burned through the third-floor window and was extending up towards the eaves of the roofing system.

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Crews worked to rapidly get water on the fire from outside the building while other firemens utilized ladders to examine the building’s roofing system for flames.

As firemens brought a tube line up the stairs to the system, some smoke rippled from behind the system’s closed door and into the corridor, however protective fire doors kept much of it included to the location near the fire.

When firemens went into the apartment or condo, they discovered furnishings and other products obstructing access to spaces, requiring them to move the products into the corridor so they might look for residents and reach the flames, Seattle Fire representative David Cuerpo said.

Once firemens had the ability to enter, they discovered a man, female and their dog in the living-room, according to Cuerpo. All had actually passed away.

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The fire was put out by 12:13 a.m.

The flames were included to one apartment or condo, however others listed below the system were harmed by water.

The reason for the fire is under examination.

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