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The scoop on the dog poop crisis


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My next-door neighbors are a patriotic lot, who heartily think in the First Amendment, although I’m not so sure about the Second.

When election time rolls around, the streets are colorfully embellished with political indications promoting prospects like Joe Biden, although possibly not Donald Trump.

I don’t embrace political promos, which implies to state I’m more likely to set up indications that declare, “Proud (and Poor) Parent of Costly College Graduate Who Almost Made Honor Roll.”

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However, after years of silence, I lastly chose to exercise my constitutionally ensured right of liberty of expression and put an indication on my yard, which I developed with magic markers and building and construction paper, that said: “PICK UP AFTER YOUR  #*&@%!* DOGS!”

I planted the indication right near the mail box, where some dog parent, who never ever viewed Mister Rogers as a kid, let his dog do a monstrously big dump, which the mailwoman then drove over with her truck.

I recognize that dog moms and dads, of which I’m one, don’t wish to infringe on the canine right to do their business any place and whenever they please. I get that. And I enjoy my dog, so I’d never ever think about limiting her. However, my mail box is a spiritual location, where I regularly stroll, and I dislike to need to evade you-know-what.

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This is most likely a horrible subject for a paper with taste, however I’ve typically thought widespread canine defecation is a public health epidemic in our times, and I’m not alone, so we much better haul Dr. Fauci out of retirement instantly if not quicker to establish a program to handle it.

You believe I’m joking? No quicker had actually the misbehaviour been done than another next-door neighbor sent around a story from the appreciated British paper The Guardian, detailing the dog poop crisis in New York City, which appears to be suffering a great deal of crises recently.

It made me question why The Guardian press reporter wasn’t examining the dog poop crisis in London, however that’s a story for another day.

The heading declared, “Fecal bacteria ‘rampant’ on New York sidewalks, researchers find.” A group from Marymount Manhattan College studied the walkways in the Upper East Side and concluded: Take off your shoes prior to going within since you’re tracking germs all over the carpet. (My other half makes me do that despite the fact that we don’t reside on the Upper East Side.)

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The title of the research study suffices to make you shiver: Fecal indicator bacteria on indoor floors linked to exterior sidewalk contamination in New York City.” Do you believe Connecticut is immune? Well, we’re not.

New York City dog ownership “exploded during the COVID pandemic,” and the city is punishing individuals who don’t bag the poop by slapping them with a $250 fine.

Some walkways had up to 31,000 fecal germs in locations no bigger than a bottle. The research study said, “Overall, our evidence indicates ubiquity of FIB (fecal indicator bacteria) on sidewalks, a translocation pathway via shoe soles and accumulation on indoor floor surfaces, particularly carpeted areas.” In plain English, that implies the dog poop germs rate is greater than the rate of inflation and it’s on your carpet.

I got actually developed over this clinical research study since I think we Americans need to be accountable when we exercise our numerous liberties, consisting of the liberty ensured under some modification — most likely the 14th — that says we can stroll our dogs on public roads, other than interstate highways.

After checking out the short article, I ratcheted up my campaign and sent everybody an email that said, “Let’s pick up after our dogs! Theres poop all over our streets, and the law is pretty explicit ‘Ordinance Regarding Dog Defecation: It shall be unlawful for any person to allow or permit any dog to defecate upon any sidewalk, public street, median divider within public streets, grass or paved strips between streets and sidewalks, public parks and other public property, unless such person shall remove all feces so deposited by such animal immediately before leaving the area of the defecation.’ ” Our well-regarded lawmakers made their incomes the day they prepared that law.

One fellow composed back and said a miscreant let Bowser do his business in their driveway. A lady grumbled that somebody’s dog, or dogs, routinely utilize her front yard as a public toilet.

I recognize we’ve got more severe issues to deal with, consisting of the border crisis, the Ohio hazardous waste spill, and finding out how we can hold off governmental marketing as long as possible. But this is a concern that needs to motivate every political leader, no matter their association, to work throughout the aisle and get their hands — and shoes — filthy.

My crusade is simply starting. I purchased an outside security cam, animal repellent pellets, and a solar-powered, ultrasonic gadget that goes off when a dog techniques. I likewise prepare to purchase a brand-new set of slippers — or more — and leave complimentary poop bags near the mail box for the higher good of mankind and public health. Let’s all collaborate to keep the walkways and streets of Connecticut tidy of you-know-what.

Former Stamford Advocate and Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani can be reached at

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