Stolen vehicle associated with head on crash after burglars hold dog walker at knifepoint


Cleveland Cops launched the video after Craig Roddam, 33, and Stephen Swainston, 37, were imprisoned for an overall of 13 years at Teesside Crown Court. The dashcam video reveals the vehicle careering around the corner prior to smashing head on into the approaching vehicle.

It follows a 26-year-old guy was robbed while strolling his dog on Wrensfield Roadway in Stockton on April 30 this year. He was threatened with a knife and the 2 guys took his bag, which included a phone and his vehicle secrets. The following day, a Ford Mondeo was taken from a Do-gooder who had actually used Roddam, of no set address, a lift after finding him pressing another broken down vehicle.

Then followed a high speed chase with authorities, which ended with the head-on crash on Bishopton Roadway. Those included with entrusted to small injuries. Both guys fled from the crash scene, however were later on apprehended and charged.

L-R: Stephen Swainston and Craig Roddam

Roddam was founded guilty of burglary and the theft of a Mondeo and imprisoned for 7 years. Swainston, of Bishopton Court in Stockton, was founded guilty of burglary and confessed hazardous driving and imprisoned for 6 years.

Investigator Constable Kev Middleton, from Stockton CID, stated: “I am pleased with these sentences and happy that Swainston and Roddam will now invest a substantial time behind bars. I wish to commemorate both victims, especially the very first who was threatened and both supported authorities action and the judicial procedures later on.”

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