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SPCA took frequently overdosing Vancouver dog


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Bailey the dog evaluated favorable for opioids, drug and amphetamines.

B.C.’s Farm Industry Review Board has actually turned down an appeal by a man whose dog was taken after grievances it was consuming heroin, methamphetamine and fentanyl.

The SPCA took K.R.’s dog Bailey due to the fact that she was frequently overdosing and in distress. K.R. had actually looked for Bailey’s return however the board concluded Bailey must be kept by the SPCA and embraced out if possible.

“Throughout the hearing, the appellant denied any responsibility for Bailey’s repeated exposure to toxic drugs,” board member Wendy Holm composed in her Feb. 27 decision.

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The SPCA had actually gotten a problem that K.R.’s dog Bailey was consuming the drugs while dealing with K.R. in Vancouver social real estate.

Before Bailey was taken Dec. 14, the SPCA had actually participated in the property on 3 different events in action to grievances that Bailey was experiencing direct exposure to poisonous drugs.

The very first grievance originated from a real estate staff member on July 17.

The staffer said Bailey was frequently showing the signs of heroin intoxication from consuming or breathing in the drug while in K.R.’s room which Bailey was “a totally different dog” prior to and after direct exposure to drugs.

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The staffer said there were frequently as much as 10 individuals in K.R.’s room doing drugs.

“After one hour being inside the room, Bailey’s eyes would be dilated, her tail would be between her legs, her ears would be down, and she would be woozy, coughing and vomiting,” Holm said.

The staffer said it had actually been going on for months. And, they said, 3 months previously an employee had actually taken Bailey to a regional vet who had actually discovered fentanyl in her system.

The staffer even more said Bailey was kept in K.R.’s room without sufficient workout, which urine and feces in the restroom of the system developed unhygienic conditions for the dog.

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Special Provincial Constable Felix Cheung went to the property and was informed K.R. was a drug dealership. When Chung checked out the system, the dog appeared happy and healthy. K.R. rejected cigarette smoking drugs in front of Bailey.

K.R. was cautioned that, if Bailey was exposed to drugs, there might be legal action.

On Dec. 11, the SPCA was called once again. The plaintiff said Bailey “was lethargic, unable to stand and yelped when moved. The complainant further noted that Bailey had her tail tucked between her legs and was having difficulty defecating. The complainant stated that there was blood in Bailey’s stool.”

Again, Cheung participated in however K.R said the dog had actually been with an employee for 2 hours. K.R. recommended Bailey discovered the drugs in the corridor.

Cheung cautioned that if Bailey aggravated, the dog would need to go to a veterinarian.


Two days later on, the staffer contacted us to state “Bailey was lethargic, whimpering, shaking and unable to get up off the ground.”

The dog was provided Narcan, something a personal witness said had actually occurred a number of times.

The property supervisor informed Cheung she thought Bailey had actually overdosed as an outcome of remaining in K.R.’s system.

The supervisor said K.R.’s family was going to, which they were cigarette smoking crystal meth and fentanyl. Bailey had actually been frequently overdosing given that the family’s arrival, the supervisor said.

Bailey was taken from K.R. the next day.

A vet verified that Bailey evaluated favorable for opioids, drug and amphetamines.

The SPCA decreased to return Bailey.

“There is simply nothing before me that would lead me to believe it is in Bailey’s best interest to be returned to you,” an SPCA customer said.

In appealing the SPCA choice, K.R., who resides in a harm-reduction building, declared prior to the board that the source of Bailey’s drug direct exposure was beyond his system, in the corridors of the building or outside while on strolls with staff.

K.R. said it was difficult that Bailey had actually entered into contact with drugs in his system after July.

“No one smokes drugs around Bailey,” he said.

“He claimed that he and his family used drugs one to three times a week, only when Bailey was with the staff, and that he would clean the room before Bailey returned,” Holm said.

K.R. confessed he utilized fentanyl and heroin as pain relievers. He yielded it was possible visitors utilized amphetamines.

The SPCA refuted Bailey’s go back to K.R., stating her had actually taken no duty in the circumstance.

The board concluded the source of the drugs was K.R.’s system.

“The evidence suggests Bailey’s distress would continue if returned, with potentially fatal consequences,” the choice said.

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