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Shocking minute one-legged Arizona man and his dog are assaulted by 1,000 killer bees


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By Andrea Cavallier For Dailymail.Com

04:48 24 May 2023, upgraded 06:23 24 May 2023

  • John Fischer, 60, and his dog Pippin were assaulted on Saturday in Eloy, Arizona
  • Fischer was stung more than 250 times and his dog more than 50 times
  •  Surveillance video revealed the minute the bees assaulted the set

An Arizona man and his dog are recuperating after being stung numerous times by a swarm of 1,000 killer bees. 

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The experience on Saturday night just pertained to an end when they were hosed down by reacting firemens in their community.

John Fischer, 60, who lost among his legs to infection about 8 years earlier, remained in his wheelchair-exercise bike, with his dog Pippin by his side, when they were assaulted.

Surveillance video obtained by Arizona Family revealed the traumatic minute the bugs pursued the set, triggering Fischer to fall over in his chair as he crawled attempting to get away. 

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Later, when he cleaned his clothing from the day in front of video cameras, lots of bees put out. There was one still alive, however Fischer ran it over with his wheelchair – in a minute of appearing retribution. 

Fischer was entrusted stings on his arms, eyes, mouth, ears, legs and back, in addition to scrapes from crawling on the ground. He was launched from the medical facility Monday and is recuperating at home with his dog.

Fischer informed Arizona Family that he had ‘never ever knowledgeable anything like this prior to.’

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‘I had actually been stung often times prior to however absolutely nothing where it was more than 10 or 15 stings,’ Fischer said as he remembered the attack. 

‘There belonged of me that wished to go nuts, and there belonged of me that wished to stress. And I understood, from previous experience, that that’s where you’ll lose it. And you’re no longer in control. That’s where you face more threat,’ he included. 

Fischer remained in his wheelchair out for a stroll in Florence, Arizona, when he said he felt what he believed was a fly and knocked it away. 

‘Next thing I understand, there were bees all over me and all over the dog,’ Fischer said. 

‘I attempted to make clear the street, however I can’t see ’cause they’re going towards my eyes, and they’re all over my face.’ 

Surveillance video obtained by Arizona Family revealed the traumatic minute the bugs pursued the set, triggering Fischer to fall over in his chair as he crawled attempting to get away
Fischer was entrusted stings on his arms, eyes, mouth, ears, legs and back and was just saved when firemens hosed him down

He had the ability to launch Pippin, who had actually been leashed to his wheelchair, and the dog went to Fischer’s next-door neighbor. 

But the chair tipped and Fischer attempted to get away on his hands and knees. 

‘I crawled my method for an amount of time to attempt to get far from where they were, however they, obviously, simply followed me,’ he said.

Firefighters appeared to help Fischer, however were seen on video getting away from the swarm of bees. They returned minutes later on and hosed down Fischer.

He was required to the medical facility, where Fischer said physicians informed him he had actually been stung more than 250 times by the ‘killer bees.’

He said Pippin was stung over 50 times and has actually considering that been launched by an animal medical facility however is still in bad shape. 

‘He’s ill,’ Fischer said. ‘We’re attempting to get him to consume. He is really aching, and what I can see is he’s quite sluggish. We’re likewise offering him Benadryl, so that’s going to knock him out.’

He began a GoFundMe to help raise money to assist with the dog”s veterinarian costs.

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