Pleasanton Police warn of scammers selling sick puppies


PIX Now — Wednesday morning headlines from KPIX newsroom

PIX Now — Wednesday morning headlines from KPIX newsroom


PLEASANTON – Police in Pleasanton issued a warning to residents Wednesday about scammers selling puppies who were sick, and in one case, one of the dogs died.

The department posted on social media that malitpoos were being sold in a local shopping center parking lot last month for $2,500.

Several days later, one of the puppies tested positive for parvovirus, police said. The puppy later died.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Associationparvovirus is highly contagious, with unvaccinated puppies younger than four months old most at risk.

Police said fraudulent breeders often use fake names and phone numbers, often selling dogs on Craigslist, Instagram and TikTok.

“Please do your research before buying a dog from a breeder,” police said Wednesday.

The department offered several tips for residents looking to add a dog to their family. Residents are urged to look for parent animals on site and not to give money until meeting the dog in-person.

Prospective buyers should also make sure the breeder provides veterinary records, including proof of vaccinations. Reputable breeders will also give their contact information and will have a contract to sign.

Police said the state also has a “Puppy Lemon Law” where buyers have the right to be compensated if their pet becomes ill or dies within a set time after purchase.

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