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Penrith MP in fact-finding objective about puppy and dog smuggling


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Alongside coworkers from the Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee Dr Hudson quizzed animal well-being professionals on puppy and dog smuggling and how the charity is resisting versus this ‘terrible’ market.

The pandemic saw a substantial spike in illegal imports and animal advocates have actually said this just represents deceitful smugglers who were captured, and the existence of imported dogs in the basic population reveals a lot more have actually averted authorities. 

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Dr Neil Hudson, MP for Penrith and The Border, and veterinary cosmetic surgeon, said: “It’s been an enduring campaign of mine to take on the abhorrent puppy and dog smuggling trade.

“Puppies, greatly pregnant dogs and dogs that have actually had their ears cruelly mutilated are being smuggled into the UK in worrying numbers by individuals without any regard to these poor dogs’ well-being.

“Now, with EFRA coworkers and with powers to produce a report to Government, I hope the tide is now turning.  

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