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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Millions of UK dog owners struck with bank vacation weekend alerting


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Millions of dog owners in the UK have actually been offered a plain caution ahead of the long bank vacation weekend.

Many individuals have 3 day of rests work, and with the weather report looking good there will likely be a variety of Barbeques and other outside activities prepared. And while it’s a time for pleasure, it can likewise posture dangers for animals, particularly dogs.

Dr Linda Simon, veterinary cosmetic surgeon at Pooch & Mutt, has actually alerted the ECHO of a variety of risks that can provide themselves as individuals take some time to unwind in the sunlight.

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Dr Linda has actually shared a list of food and beverages that can be hazardous to dogs.


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Garlic is utilized in a lot of of our meals however is in fact poisonous to dogs and can make them extremely ill as it can trigger intestinal inflammation and red cell damage.

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