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Little Dog Surrendered to Shelter After ‘Aging Out’ of Puppy Mill Is So Heartbreaking


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Let’s just hope he finds a family to love him forever.

There’s no denying that there are puppy mills that treat their animals very poorly. The whole purpose of a puppy mill is to mass breed dogs in return for quick sales. But what happens when one of those mass-produced dogs isn’t bought or one gets too old? TikTok user @adoptingdogs shows us the sad truth of what might happen.

This TikToker spends his time visiting dogs in shelters, which is where he recently met a dog named Quinn. Poor Quinn was surrendered to the Wayne County Dog Shelter after ‘aging out’ of a puppy mill. How could any dog age out is something we will never understand. And now Quinn has to learn to trust again. Take a look.

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Ugh, our hearts are breaking for Quinn. The fact that he has to relearn love and trust is something that should never happen. He should’ve never been in a puppy mill in the first place. We’re just glad he is at the shelter because who knows what could’ve happened to him. And now we have hope that soon enough his forever family is going to come and adopt him.

“People can be so cruel. Animals are not pets but family. I truly hope he gets the opportunity to have a great family to love him,” wrote @mcarmenhuerta. That’s not too much to ask for! We can’t believe the breeder thought Quinn aged out. Age is just a number and he clearly has so many years left to live and share his love!

If you’re interested in adopting Quinn, or another animal from the Wayne County Dog shelter, please visit the website for more information. Let’s show Quinn how much love is out there in the world!

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