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I’m a fitness center brother and consumed dog food for the gains


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Food & Drink

March 17, 2023 | 3:26pm

Bon appetit.

Henry Clarisey, 21, scored 2.8 million views last month as aghast TikTokers saw him choke down dog chow “for the gains.”

“I tasted the dry dog food kibble, and [it] tasted like little pieces of rocks,” the Buffalo resident informed The Post, remembering the gag-inducing nosh. “[It was] not comfortable at all to eat, and it was super hard to bite down on.”

The fitness center brothers of TikTok will do anything to take in more protein — and their latest extravagance is much more revolting than a milky shake.

These workout warriors have posted what seem satirical clips of themselves feasting on the slop indicated for pups. Others have joked they would nibble on kibble if it meant being ripped.

This fitness center brother chose to consume dog food, and not remarkably, it revolted him.

“I definitely wouldn’t do it again,” Clarisey confessed, “even if dog food has high protein content, it’s definitely not worth it.”

Clarisey at first found dog food is abundant in protein after seeing a TikTok in which a user warned fellow fitness center rats not to be “tempted” to attempt it.

He didn’t follow that recommendations. Clarisey, who boasts over 171,000 fans on the platform, vowed to taste the bitter bits if his own video reached 15,000 likes.

To his surprise, the clip taken in 21.2 million views and 2.5 million likes.

“I said if I get 15k likes I’d try it, but it ended up getting 2.5 million, and I felt like I had to try it for the video,” he informed The Post.

This influencer attempted dry dog food in front of his disgusted fans.

He said he believed the gigantic protein concentration of 666 grams in 200 grams of Pedigree was “a glitch” on the popular dieting and physical fitness app MyFitnessPal, however he chose to humor his fans anyhow.

The expected mistake on the diet plan tracker would indicate a single cup of kibble would have a much greater protein material than even bodybuilders need in a day.

For recommendation, adult men need only about 56 grams of protein a day. Over-consuming protein can really be hazardous to human health, leading to complications such as kidney damage.

Clarisey isn’t the very first individual to lap up dog specials. Tennis star Serena Williams even attempted to chomp on her puppy’s room service meal in 2016, getting “really sick” later on. Food blogger Sihan Lee was duped into taste-testing food for dogs as part of a Furry’s Kitchen stunt in 2020.

Dog food isn’t your typical supper of champs, and for good factor.

For those who do bark-take, short-term intake of the chow isn’t most likely to trigger excessive damage — though it’s not suggested.

“While most ingredients in dog food are similar to human food, they are meant to meet the needs of dogs, not humans, who have different nutritional priorities,” Melissa Majumdar, a representative for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, told Buzzfeed News.

According to Healthlinenumerous pet foods are made with unappetizing active ingredients, such as meat scraps, ground-up bones, organs, skin and other animal parts that are “unfit for human consumption.”

Aside from the possibility of food-borne health problem from contamination, specific brand names of dog food likewise consist of an artificial form of vitamin K — vitamin K3 — which can be “toxic to humans in high doses,” per Healthline.

While the concentration of the vitamin is low in animal grub, individuals shouldn’t be stuffing on it frequently, as research study has actually revealed it can be poisonous to human beings in high dosages.

Clarisey definitely doesn’t have an issue leaving the Purina to the pooches.

“I would totally rather [have] a nice steak,” he said.

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