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I’m a dog behaviorist – my two-step procedure can take your family pet from a harmful, problem biter to never ever doing it once again


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AN specialist in dog habits has actually revealed his go-to procedure for training rowdy pups.

He said his strategy can stop dogs from being a headache biter.

Will Atherton is a digital material developer and expert dog behaviorist who assists individuals with their dogsCredit: TikTok/@iamwillatherton

Will Atherton (@iamwillatherton) revealed himself having fun with his dog in a video published to TikTok.

“Puppy biting can be extremely shocking,” he prefaced.

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Some dogs, nevertheless, do not outgrow their snippy stage.

“It then ends up being extremely harmful,” he cautioned.

He stated a labrador whose biting did not enhance with age.

For the sake of the kids living around the dog, Will shared how he trained the animal.

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“First of all I needed to examine exists any aggressiveness behind this biting? Or is it lively?

“Luckily it was simply over enjoyment, lively, found out habits,” he said.

He shared his 2 part method for enhancing the canine’s methods.

“I need to teach the dog that habits is undesirable in a caring manner in which the dog comprehends and after that teach it what I do desire it to do rather,” he said.

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He said his 2 prong strategy assisted the dog adapt to being a non-biter.

“You put those 2 things together and you can extremely extremely rapidly have a dog go from a headache biter to never ever biting a human ever once again,” he said while providing the dog a chew toy to get his biting out.

The video attracted numerous dog owners in the remark area.

“This is precisely what I required,” one composed. “This is the error I made with my dog.”

He shared his 2 action method to training a ‘problem biter’ by providing him a chew toyCredit: TikTok/@iamwillatherton
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