Heartbreaking note left with dog found abandoned in Tennessee


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WTVD) — An animal shelter in Tennessee shared a heart-wrenching note in hopes of reuniting an abandoned dog with her family.

The McKamey Animal Center in Chattanooga posted to Facebook that the dog was found wandering with a note on her collar.

It read, “My name is Lilo. Please love me. My mom can’t keep me and is homeless with two kids. She tried her best but can’t get help. I cost too much for her. She really loves me and I’m a great dog and love to be loved on. Please don’t abuse me.”

The shelter said Lilo, who was found wandering with her collar and leash still attached, is safe. It’s asking the owner to come forward to reclaim Lilo because the shelter said it will help with whatever she needs to take care of the pup.

The animal center added that if the owner doesn’t surface, Lilo will keep her name and efforts will be made to find her a new home.

The shelter also noted that it has connections with “resources and agencies who are ready and willing to help individuals and families experiencing homelessness.”


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