Heartbreaking note left with abandoned dog | Local News


A dog, with her leash still attached, was brought into Chattanooga’s McKamey Animal Center.

The dog, named Lilo, had been left behind by her owner who said in a note attached to Lilo that she couldn’t keep the dog, because she is homeless and has two children.

McKamey posted a message to Lilo’s owner, with a photo of the note and Lilo on their Facebook page, explaining that they would take care of her, and could help the owner care for the dog if she chose to eventually reclaim her.

The post explained the Lilo is safe, and that the shelter offers a community pet food pantry, along with other pet health-care services for those in need.

The note with the dog, which asked they she keep Lilo’s name, also asked that whoever found her ‘Please don’t abuse me’ at the bottom.

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