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Great Danes fatally attack Perry County lady entrusted with feeding them, authorities state


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A Perry County lady was trampled to death Thursday by 2 Great Danes when she visited her next-door neighbor’s home to feed the family pets, authorities said.

The attack took place around 5 p.m. in Centre Township, about 150 miles west of Philadelphia. Kristin Potter, 38, who had actually been feeding the dogs for their out-of-town owners, suffered several terrible injuries in the attack, the Perry County Coroner’s Office said. Her death was ruled unintentional.

Both of the Great Danes were euthanized after the attack, authorities said. A 3rd dog at the property was not associated with the attack.

A Pennsylvania State Police representative said there is an active examination into the attack, however decreased to offer extra information. It’s uncertain whether the attack took place inside or outdoors.

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Great Danes are acknowledged amongst the biggest and most effective dog types, in addition to Irish Wolfhounds and English Mastiffs, however they typically are ruled out unsafe and aggressive dogs. They’re typically referred to as mild giants that are good with kids and other dogs, however some Great Danes can be ended up being shy, nervous or territorial with complete strangers if they are not fraternized outsiders as puppies. They are understood to secure their houses, according to the American Kennel Club.

Potter’s spouse, Jacob Presley Fickett, told The Daily Voice that his partner was a mom of 3 and formerly had actually lost among her children after he was struck by a car near their home. The family had actually been preparing to transfer to Florida.

“She was the Light of my life,” Fickett said. “She has actually not done anything however good to anything she touched. I like her a lot I can’t even think that she gone.”

There have actually been reports of other lethal Great Dane attacks in the U.S. over the last few years, consisting of some family pets who killed their owners.

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In Iowa, a lady was discovered in a ditch after authorities identified she had been killed by her five Great Danes last August. Another lady who had actually rescued 2 Great Danes in Ohio was killed when they attacked her in 2019. Her spouse said among the dogs had actually revealed indications of aggressive habits in the weeks prior to the attack and cautioned others not to neglect those habits.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Dangerous Dog Registrythat includes numerous family pets, just notes 2 Great Danes — both in areas aside from Perry County.

State law needs dog owners to register their family pets on the list if a dog has actually assaulted an individual without justification on public or personal property, or if the dog has actually significantly hurt or killed another domestic family pet while off the dog owner’s property. A single event can lead to a dog being put on the pc registry. And if a dog assaults an individual, a criminal problem might be submitted that lead to charges versus the owner. Many attacks likewise lead to civil lawsuits.

Attorney Thomas Newell, who has actually represented dog bite victims in 38 counties in Pennsylvania, said numerous dog owners pick to euthanize their family pets after severe attacks rather of keeping up with the state’s requirements to preserve ownership.

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Owners of unsafe dogs need to pay yearly $500 registration costs and need to keep their dogs in enclosures that fulfill state requirements. The dogs require to be neutered or made sterile and need to be muzzled and limited whenever they are outside their enclosures. Other requirements consist of liability insurance coverage and plainly published indications outside the houses where they live.

If a dog attack leads to an individual’s death, the dog is almost constantly willingly put down, Newell said. If not, a grievance is generally submitted by the county dog warden or authorities. Dogs with previous attacks that are already on the unsafe dog pc registry likewise are typically euthanized if the 2nd attack was unprovoked.

“The significant bulk are pit bulls or pit blends — with a mastiff, Rottweiler, akita and often a shepherd therein,” said Newall, whose customers are typically entrusted to disfigurements from dog attacks.

But often dog types not frequently related to attacks can end up being aggressive. The state’s pc registry consists of some Golden Retrievers, who are normally friendly, however can end up being reactive.

Though he has actually not dealt with any cases including Great Danes, Newell kept in mind that the breed is not as frequently owned as other dog types that have actually established credibilities and predispositions for aggressiveness.

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