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Garden Street Dog Has Irish Luck


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By Jacqueline D.

Top o’ the mornin’. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Garden Street Dog!

Garden Street Dog Has Irish Luck

By the edhat staff

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For those who do not understand, this 4-foot high, 340-pound bronze statue of a Labrador Retriever beings in the front lawn of an Upper Eastside home in Santa Barbara. At the corner of Mission and Garden Streets, “Rover” has actually been a staple for over 100 years linked to the historical Crocker Row houses.

For as long as Ed can keep in mind, the dog would have various outfits for vacations, seasons, and occasion present occasions. During the Thomas Fire, “Rover” was using an N-95 mask to highlight lung safety when ash was tipping over the whole city. For the Santa Barbara Film Festival, “Rover” had stars in his eyes and was dressed up like a Hollywood director.

There have actually been a great deal of reports swirling about the Garden Street Dog and how it ended up being to be memorialized. Each story would grow more great than the last: the dog saved a kid from a burning home, the dog saved the whole family, no the whole orphanage!

In reality, your house was integrated in 1894 by William H. Crocker, where the name Crocker Row originates from. Although “Rover” didn’t get here in Santa Barbara in 1904 with the home’s 2nd owners who transplanted from Michigan. That family brought “Rover” with them and he’s existed since. The genuine story is that the genuine Rover was born upon the very same day as the family’s child, Eleanor. Rover was a precious dog that apparently lived to the age of 18 and due to the unique connection to the family, they had actually a statue constructed of him.

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As of February 2018, the Garden Street Dog house went on the marketplace and was noted for more than $4 million. However, report has it an unique condition was contributed to the sale contract – the next owners needed to consent to continue the custom of dressing up the dog.

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