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Dog walker alerts owners after animal is left at death’s door after consuming a METH addict’s human waste


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An expert dog walker has actually alerted owners to be mindful after a cherished animal ended up being really ill after consuming a meth addict’s poo while out on a walk. 

The dog, Sid, who is referred to as a ‘big breed’ had actually been taking pleasure in some workout around South Norwood lake at the weekend. 

But he ended up being ill soon later on and his owners were shocked to find his signs were triggered by consuming human poo. 

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The faeces had actually consisted of meth, a veterinarian had actually informed the dog owners, and their dog was responding to the controlled substance.   

A regional expert dog walker from Happy Hounds Crystal Palace shared a message from his customer upgrading him on the scenario. 

A message sent to the expert dog walker to provide an upgrade on the dog’s condition. Happy Hounds Crystal Palace said owners ought to understand the dangers
Dog Sid had actually been on a walk around South Norwood Lakes in London at the weekend when he consumed the human excrement

The customer said: ‘Just wished to let you understand that Sid invested the night at the veterinarian as he consumed some poo round by the glade near the lake the other day. 

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‘Vet said he’s quite sure the poo originated from somebody who takes meth so my poor young boy was not in a fantastic method. He’s OK now however he’s lucky he’s a huge dog.’  

The dog walker said: ‘One of my customers big breed dog consumed some poo the other day from around South Norwood lake which contained some meth.

He released a plain caution to dog owners in the location as although Sid has actually pulled through, the infection might have been deadly for a smaller sized breed.  

‘Had this been a lap dog, the dog would have passed away immediately.

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‘Please be really watchful walking your dogs around Norwood lakes as the angler etc… routinely utilize the woody location as a toilet.’

Dogs routinely consume faeces and the majority of will not suffer any severe side-effects however germs in human poo can make them really ill. 

Although Sid made it through consuming the meth-laced poo, the experience might have been deadly to a smaller sized dog, the expert dog walker said

Another regional dog owner shared a comparable experience online, MyLondon reported. 

His golden retriever had actually consumed faeces in Crystal Palace Park and was having a hard time to stand simply hours later on.  

‘He consumed a poo in Crystal Palace Park behind the bushes beside the phase where the pond is. 

‘After 2 hours he could not stand, stroll, consume and he would keep weeping. He invested the night at the health center. He is a Golden Retriever so a big breed too.’

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