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Dog owner looks for action for hunting dog laws in SC


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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) – Under South Carolina law, those who abandon or maltreat their animals might be based on a fine, and even a misdemeanor, other than for hunting dogs.

Although this law is not brand-new, one dog owner says this requires to be altered.

“Exception to the abandonment section needs to be rescinded,” Nicholas Bruno said.

Bruno took in his previous hunting dog, Sadie, after she was abandoned two times. When his family took her in, he says she was extremely thin and her ears were so inflamed she was deaf.

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“There’s a lot of good hunters and I’m sure a lot of good hunters that treat their dogs well,” Bruno said. “But there’s an awful lot of them when the dog is no longer useful, or as useful as they think it should be, they simply turn them loose.”

Bruno says he connected to state legislators about desiring hunting dogs to be consisted of under desertion guidelines almost a year earlier. He says just the lieutenant guv reacted stating to connect to regional senators. When he did, he declares he did not get an action.

Lowcountry animal shelter Dorchester Paws says they take in 4,000 roaming animals every year. Hundreds of these dogs are hounds or hound-beagle blends that are the primary dogs utilized for hunting.

“Knowing that animals are property in the state of South Carolina inhibits our mission that we try to instill every day in caring for the abused and neglected and the homeless animals of this county,” Danielle Zuck, the director of advancement and marketing at Dorchester Paws, said.

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She says this makes an effect on adoptions.

“The animals are not medically good on the eyes,” Zuck said. “And typical hunting dogs are just left… But in South Carolina, when you have an abundance of the same breed on your floor, they will sit for months on end.”

Suzanne Roman, the executive director of Saint Frances Animal Center sent this declaration in action to the law:

While numerous folks do take good, suitable care of their hounds – numerous do not – and the shelter winds up taking care of numerous emaciated, hurt and ill hunting hounds each year. Sometimes the ruthlessness is extreme. Giving these animals the defense they should have is required and essential.

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“Contact the representatives,” Bruno said. “Let them know that this archaic exclusion needs to be gone.”

For more info on how to adopt dogs like these, see Dorchester Paws and Saint Frances Animal Center.

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