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Dog consumes Fitbit that continues to keep track of motion


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Surgery to eliminate Fitbit likewise accentuated a big rock in the intestinal tract that might have triggered additional damage if left uncontrolled

It’s clear that dogs like to take our things and put them in their mouths. So, when Marie Fournier, from Caseville, Michigan, discovered her Fitbit missing out on from her nightstand charging, she rapidly presumed among her 2 dogs, Harley and Halley, might have taken it.

“When I understood it needs to be among the dogs who took the Fitbit, I started to think that possibly Halley had actually consumed it since she was acting oddly,” Fournier said, in an organizational release.1 “I put Halley in the car with me and drove around the block, however the app wasn’t tracking. Then I did the very same thing with Harley and learnt she was the genuine offender. Halley’s unusual habits needs to have been compassion for her sis.” Then, Fournier rapidly called her vet.

“At initially, the vet advised we call another toxin nerve center, however then I bore in mind that we have an AKC policy that consists of contacts us to Pet Poison Helpline,” Fournier included. Pet Poison Helpline coordinate with AKC Reunite, a not-for-profit animal healing service, providing its 24/7 toxicology proficiency as an optional, limitless advantage for its members to contribute to their animal’s life time defense. Fournier had actually decided in for the protection, so her assessments were consisted of.

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Pet Poison Helpline advised she take Harley to the vet instantly, so Fournier made her method with her puppy to Caseville Small Animal Clinic. The veterinary group initially did a radiograph that validated she had actually swallowed the Fitbit which there was another mass that they could not recognize in her lower intestinal tracts. Initially, they attempted to cause throwing up. When absolutely nothing showed up, however the mass moved, they might see it much better.

“With any foreign body consumption, there is a threat the product can end up being lodged in the stomach or intestinal tracts,” revealed Renee Schmid, DVM, DABVT, DABT, a senior veterinary toxicologist at Pet Poison Helpline, in the release. “We were likewise worried about the Fitbit’s lithium polymer batteries. Lithium batteries can be more unsafe than typical alkaline batteries, as they create electrical existing that triggers serious tissue damage and necrosis (tissue death) if lodged in the intestinal system. Since it was more than 24 hr given that consumption, there was an issue the Fitbit would not hand down its own and we advised surgical treatment.”1

According to the release, medical group discovered throughout the surgical treatment that Harley had not just consumed the Fitbit, including its silicon band, however she likewise swallowed a rock the size of a prune. Because Harley was going to be under anesthesia for the surgical treatment, the Fourniers chose to capitalize and had her made sterile.

“The Fourniers were lucky that Harley consumed the Fitbit still connected to the band, instead of chewing and swallowing the battery independently,” Schmid included. “The band more than likely assisted Harley prevent accommodations of the battery and the serious tissue damage that is frequently seen with lithium batteries.”

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If an animal consumes any kind of battery, consisting of the most typical lithium and alkaline dry cell batteries, serious damage to the intestinal system can happen and instant veterinary care is advised.1 Some elements consisting of the particular kind of battery, whether it was pierced, and just how much was consumed, can impact if the necessary treatment is home tracking, beginning medication to use intestinal defense, or possibly surgical treatment. Lithium batteries, particularly round, button-type batteries, frequently end up being lodged in the esophagus, triggering a lot more issues.

“It’s in fact lucky that Harley consumed the Fitbit,” commented Fournier. “If she had not, we would not have actually learnt about the rock, and it may have triggered much more damage or death. Even after they got rid of the Fitbit from her stomach, it is still working. I just recently acquired a brand-new band, and the Fitbit itself continues to track. I’m keeping it out of reach now.”

“Apparently, Fitbits can likewise take a licking and continue ticking,” she concluded.


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