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Does Video Show Dog Howling Before Earthquake in Turkey?


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A video reveals a dog wailing in Turkey right before an earthquake struck in the area on Feb. 6, 2023.


Research In Progress


While we’ll never ever really understand what the dog was believing while wailing, we’re presently focusing just on developing whether this video really was tape-recorded in Turkey in the hours ahead of the earthquake. This story’s score will be upgraded in the future.

On Feb. 6, 2023, the @straybeautiful TikTok account published a video that declared to reveal a dog wailing in a street during the night to alert individuals in Turkey right before a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the area.

The variety of dead were already at 7,700 throughout both Turkey and Syria simply two days after the quake struck, according to The Associated Press (AP).

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The video’s caption read, “He attempted to alert them of the threat ready to come prior to the earthquake struck! These are God’s presents to human beings we ought to value them more!”

The video got more than 27 million views in less than 2 days.

According to a reverse image search, the very same video was then reposted on several Twitter accounts.

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To look for the source of the video, we equated a number of words from English to Turkish. This would ideally permit us to be able to discover more info from individuals situated in the nation. Examples of 5 valuable words consisted of köpek (dog), uluyan (wailing), uyarmak (alert), Türkiye (Turkey), and depremi (earthquake).

Another word we sought to equate appeared in the background of the video on an indication: Eczane. This is the Turkish word for drug store, which might really put this video in the nation. A mosque likewise seems noticeable on the left side of the frame.

After doing a fair bit of digging, we discovered what may be an earlier source from TikTok user @solist.zamira that did disappoint as lots of words covering the video. The video was a little more focused, nevertheless, and lasted a much shorter duration. The caption read, “Depremden saatler önce dikkat çekici bir olay,” which equated to, “An amazing occasion hours prior to the earthquake.”

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Around 24 hr after it was submitted, the video from @solist.zamira had actually already gotten over 13 million views.

We’re continuing to check out this matter and will upgrade this story in the future. So far, we have little factor to question the truth that this video was tape-recorded in the hours prior to the earthquake struck.

As for discovering what the dog in the video was believing when wailing, naturally that’s something we can’t understand for sure. Our objective isn’t to figure that out. Instead, we’re wanting to develop whether the video really was tape-recorded in Turkey in the hours prior to the earthquake struck.

Still, for anybody thinking about finding out more about whether animals can expect earthquakes in a manner that human beings cannot, we point readers to posts from both Scientific American and The Washington Post.

If any other readers find more information, consisting of possibly the place of the specific very same drug store and street corner seen in the video, do not hesitate to call us.

Finally, the paragraph listed below consists of a message asking in Turkish for anybody in the nation to let us understand if they have more info:

If anybody reading this understands more about the source of this video that allegedly reveals a dog wailing to alert prior to an earthquake, please let us understand.


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