County citizen appeals her dog’s ‘unsafe’ classification


A dog designated as ‘unsafe’ should be microchipped and the owner should have $1 million liability insurance coverage

TOWN OF MINTO– Harriston resident Rebecca Palmer preserves that although her dog Kota apparently bit another dog more than as soon as, it is not unsafe.

The Town of Minto has actually figured out that her dog Kota threatens. Palmer is appealing that classification to the area.

It is declared that on several events, particularly throughout the afternoon on Aug. 29 and throughout the night on Sept. 21, Kota strayed the home and bit another dog. The supposed attacks left the other dog hurt.

Part of the classification of unsafe dog ” indicates a dog that, in the lack of any mitigating aspect has actually considerably hurt a domestic animal,” composed Camera Forbes, home requirements officer, in a letter to Palmer and provided to council.

Other elements that would lead a dog to be designated as unsafe consist of if it triggers or reveals intent to hurt an individual or is identified as a harmful dog however is kept by the owner versus the guidelines for a harmful dog.

If council promotes the unsafe dog classification, Palmer will need to follow numerous conditions, consisting of:

– the dog would need to be kept at its owner’s home or in a pen such that kids can not get in the enclosed location without adult guidance.

– if not in a pen, the dog should use a muzzle.

– the owner would require liability insurance coverage of a minimum of $1 million in case the dog harms home or hurts somebody.

– the dog would likewise require a microchip which determines it as a dog with a harmful classification.

In a letter to the town, Palmer stated she desires the chance to speak versus the classification.

” I want to speak on her behalf in wish to reveal that she is not a harmful dog and does not should have the label of one,” she composed.

Palmer was not able to go to the appeal hearing prior to council on Tuesday due to disease. The appeal was rescheduled for Dec. 6.

Jesse Gault is the Regional Journalism Effort press reporter for GuelphToday. LJI is a federally-funded program.

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