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CANINE: This ETF May Be Your Buddy In A Bearish Market


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By Rob Isbitts.


ProShares Short Dow 30 ETF ( NYSEARCA: CANINE) is an inverted exchange-traded fund (” ETF”) that intends to do the reverse of what the Dow Jones Industrial Average does. While technically pet intends to track the “inverted Dow” daily, it has actually been around given that 2006, and we have actually utilized it numerous times in our design portfolios. That experience has actually persuaded us that it is more than simply a day-trader lorry. 2022 is showing to be a fine example of that, as the Dow has actually considerably surpassed other significant indexes.


For several years, financiers have actually not needed to stress much about continual decreases in the stock exchange. Decreases of 20% or more happened in 2011, and once again in late 2018 and early 2020. Nevertheless, 2022 has actually brought the truth that the stock exchange was misestimated. In spite of a high drop in stock costs this year, there is strong proof that the decrease might still have much even more to run. Similar to other ProShares single inverted ETFs we follow, pet permits a financier to have something besides money or bonds to hedge with.

Exclusive ETF Grades

  • Offense/Defense: Defense

  • Section: Inverse

  • Sub-Segment: Inverse Dow

  • Connection (vs. S&P 500): Really High (unfavorable)

  • Anticipated Volatility (vs. S&P 500): Comparable (however in reverse)

Holding Analysis

pet intends to be a mirror image of the Dow 30 Index by participating in swap agreements with significant Wall Street companies, in addition to shorting Dow futures agreements, to target the inverse of the Dow’s return. That swaps portfolio is supported by U.S. T-bills.


I’ll go out on a limb and state that I have actually been buying single inverted ETFs about as long as any financier has. The principle of purchasing an ETF that basically shorts the stock exchange, without utilize, without alternatives or futures, with intraday liquidity and with determine precision, has actually been around given that 2006. Canine has actually been, and appears to continue to be, a reputable, simple method to let your inner bearishness about the Dow Jones Industrial Average shine through.

In specific, an inverted Dow ETF pays for the financier far more accuracy than one that shorts a more varied stock index. The Dow just has 30 stocks, and 15 of those represent a big part of the holdings. So efficiently, you are shorting that basket of stocks. It is a lot much easier to understand what you own, or what you are shorting, when the underlying index is just actually affected by 15-20 stocks.

Here are the Leading 10 holdings in the Dow since 10/31/22. They comprise more than 55% of the overall index. This is what you are basically shorting when you own pet.

DIA (DJ Industrials) ETF top 10 holdings

DIA (DJ Industrials) ETF leading 10 holdings (Looking for Alpha)

Weak Points

pet is not rather as liquid as some other inverted ETFs. In truth, there are 2 inverted ETFs for the S&P 500, one for the Nasdaq 100 and another for the Russell 2000 Smallcap index, that each have more than two times the properties under management as pet. Still, with a typical dollar trading volume of about $35mm daily, pet is far from illiquid. That smaller sized size might be a declaration about where financier attention has actually reviewed the years, where the age-old old Dow Index, developed 140 years back, has actually faded as the meaning of “the marketplace.”


Program me a bearish market and I’ll reveal you a set of inverted ETFs that, if utilized tactically, can be a few of your friends in assaulting the bear and safeguarding equity portfolios. Inverted ETFs like pet have actually been especially prompt in 2022. This was the year the flower came off the rose for bonds, as they did not supply the timeless option to stocks that today’s financiers have actually been accustomed to. The longer and much deeper the bearish market in stocks goes, the more practical pet can be, especially if the Dow Index is falling in sync with the wider market.


The greatest long-lasting hazard of pet is relatively simple and transparent. It moves opposite the Dow, so when the Dow increases for a prolonged duration, pet is going to lose as much as the Dow gains. The other, more present hazard is the capacity for the Dow to continue to be the relative “flight to quality” that it was throughout the very first 10 months of 2022, and at other times in the past. If you are brief the Dow, however it holds its worth much better than other indexes you might have shorted rather, that’s a chance expense. Naturally, there’s absolutely nothing stopping a financier from holding more than one inverted ETF, or changing from one to another at any time.

Information by YCharts

Exclusive Technical Rankings

  • Short-Term Score (next 3 months): Purchase

  • Long-Term Score (next 12 months): Hold


ETF Quality Viewpoint

The next time you hear the news scream “Dow drop 1,000 points,” it feels respectable to have one part of your portfolio making a great deal of cash. This is the appeal of all single inverted ETFs, at all times. Since you never ever understand when a bearish market will come, and for how long it will remain. So you may too discover how to not just safeguard it, however attack it too! We keep pet in our stable of ETFs offered to possibly be utilized for hedging or assaulting down market cycles. This one is no place near the “canine home” with us!

ETF Financial Investment Viewpoint

We presently rate pet a Buy. It would be a Strong Buy, other than that a portion of the bearish market has actually currently taken place. Must the Dow Industrials rally into 2022 year-end, then resume the “lower-lows” pattern that has actually remained in location given that January, pet might possibly rise to Strong Buy.

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