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Zodiac Signs as Cat Breeds—Which One Are You?


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There are 2 kinds of individuals in this world: the swooning cat fan and the one who prevents them at all expenses. However, in spite of whether you consider yourself to be a fellow ailurophile, you’ll wanna keep reading to learn which cat breed resembles your zodiac indication. This is particularly real for those of you captivating the idea of raising your own fur child at some point. Remember: adopt, don’t shop! 

If it isn’t completely apparent by now, I am a happy cat-mom, however I am much more happy to confess that I matured with both indoor and outside cat pals. Did you understand cuddling a cat sets off a release of the “love hormone” in human beings? Perhaps this is among the numerous reasons they make the purrfect animal. Some call it the “cuddle chemical” or the bonding hormonal agent, however according to Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D., certified medical psychologist and author of The Stress-Proof Brain, cuddling your cat regularly might help in reducing tension. U.S. scientists likewise think cat owners to be much less most likely to experience a heart attack or a stroke. Just stating!

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Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you’re a careful Virgo who chooses to keep things neat or a mentally removed Aquarius who prioritizes his/her personal space. There are 40 to 70 various types of cats out there, which indicates there’s an adorable feline friend for everybody. P.S. All of these cat realities advise me of Taylor Swift’s last interview on The Tonight Show, however I digress. with Jimmy Fallon

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Will your zodiac indication be coupled with the cat you believe is the prettiest? Keep checking out to see what cat breed you are based upon your sun indication and/or increasing indication:

The Cat Breed That Matches Each Zodiac Sign

Bengal Cat


Born to be wild? Everything from this cat breed’s dynamic patterned coat to its big athletic build has your name on it, Aries. In reality, if you were to see this cat running towards you, it might feel as if you were being hunted by a wildcat in the jungle. Sound familiar? Your zodiac archetype is, after all, illustrated by the reckless ram. Although, in spite of its active character and robust temperament, the Bengal is similarly as caring as it is spirited. Similar to your planetary ruler, Mars, they likewise tend to be bigger than other types, thanks to their muscular bodies.

Persian Cat

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Ooh la a! They don’t call Persian cats “doll faces” for absolutely nothing, Taurus. Similar to your ultra-posh planetary ruler, Venus, it doesn’t get fancier than this cat breed. Everything from its long glossy coat to its lovely facial functions goes together with your sensuous personality. Although, when your Persian child isn’t positioning glamorously for your mobile phone web cam, it chooses to lounge and lay low. This luscious breed is typically unwinded, as they choose to snuggle along with their owners for a comfortable night in. Patient and mild, Persians can be as caring and caring as ever, if they trust you.

Abyssinian Cat


Brilliant and deeply curious, there’s something innately mercurial about the Abyssinian, Gemini. Perhaps it’s a mix of their smooth and slim build or their aesthetically striking look—which can quickly be misinterpreted for mischief—however they are frequently acknowledged for being “dog-like,” particularly when in concerns to their undying desire for expedition. They’re nimble and smart which not just make them an outstanding hunter, however likewise a bit naughty while communicating with their preferred human beings. It’s constantly playtime when an Abyssinian is around… and well, you’re no exception. They’re likewise not huge on love or lap time, however they’re still familiar with your every relocation.

Scottish Fold Cat

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Finding a cat as cute as you isn’t simple, however here we are, Cancer! If you look carefully at this uncommon breed, you’ll observe that its sweet face is round, much like the moon. Although, in addition to looking like that of your magical planetary ruler, the Scottish Fold’s big and caring eyes are likewise exceptionally communicative, and attention grabbing. Talk about using your feelings on your sleeve… or fold? As if this weren’t enough to make your Cancerian heart swoon, they’re likewise as sweet and huggable as they look. Despite being low upkeep, this cat breed chooses to be in the business of their liked ones, as do you.

Ragdoll Cat


May I have your (all of your) attention please? Nothing versus the rest of them, however your cat breed is cat royalty, Leo. Similar to the warm and charming sun—which likewise occurs to be your planetary ruler—the Ragdoll is similarly as social as it is regal in its marvelous look. Friendly and singing when needed, this cat breed has a lots of love to provide however, by that very same token, they are likewise far more clingy than other cat types. You’ve most likely become aware of fellow Ragdoll, Princess Aurora, the most royal Instagram cat, and with good factor. I imply, have you ever seen anything more remarkable? That is, other than for you, naturally.

Maine Coon Cat


Gentle-natured and friendly within its instant environments, you and the Maine Coon breed are comparable in your grounded yet mercurial nature, Virgo. Their secret runs as deep as their abundant and detailed color scheme, which is why no Maine Coon are precisely alike. Something else that is significant about this cat breed is their obedience and natural dedication. How this resonates with your zodiac archetype? In addition to being resourceful and efficient, you’re exceptionally committed to your craft. The Maine Coon is big in its stature, however its heat and amicability is why numerous consider this breed suitable for households, and families with kids. You are similarly present in your daily life.

Siberian Cat


There’s absolutely nothing your Venus-ruled indication likes more than love, and this cat breed is no various, Libra. Your jeopardizing and harmony-seeking nature looks like that of the Siberian, in whatever from its kitten-like character to its hypoallergenic *advantages* as its skin produces less of the chemical connected with irritants. Both you and this short-haired cat friend choose to be in good business, however you likewise continue to generate the sweet taste. Although, in addition to the Siberian’s caring personality, it likewise has an independent streak, comparable to your breezy essence and judgment component, air. It’s a fragile however lovely balance. Sound familiar?

Siamese Cat


To state this breed is territorial would be an understatement, however you’re no complete stranger to this kind of habits, Scorpio. On the contrary, comparable to the incredibly smart Siamese, your Plutonian radar can pick up the rippling undercurrents of your environments. And without weakening your undying love and love, you’re not the simplest to check out. You’re likewise rather challenging if threatened and/or if a border is being crossed. Similarly, the Siamese cat’s habits is infamous for being difficult with its owners, particularly due to sensations of jealousy and/or separation stress and anxiety. Both you and this cat breed are a handful undoubtedly, however you already understood that.

Cornish Rex Cat


Your stimulating and outbound nature are a few of numerous reasons you stick out, and your cat breed is comparable in its limitless dexterity and interest, Sagittarius. In addition to being Jupiter-ruled, your wisdom-seeking zodiac archetype, the archer, is accountable for true blessing you with popular legs and strong calves. As for the Cornish Rex? Despite being a little to medium sized cat, its epic charm discusses why it can appear taller than it in fact is by standing high up on its legs. After all, your worldly mind and spontaneous swagger understands a thing or more about devising ’til you make it. This advises me of the method your cat breed became, as it was an outcome of a spontaneous anomaly, born of a barn cat and an unidentified sire.

Orange/Ginger American Shorthair Cat


Similar to this breed’s “working cat” origins, you pride yourself on being an effective bread-winner who can hold down the fort, Capricorn. It’s all thanks to your planetary ruler, Saturn, naturally, however it improves. Fun reality: Did you understand that the American Shorthair was reproduced from working cats, whose job consisted of rodent control in farming settings? This discusses their natural hunting impulses… which in your case, talks to your instinct around financial investments and business transactions. A conventional breed that ended up being commonly understood in the late 1800s, your vintage visual goes together with this cat’s history. It’s a cat classic.

Sphynx Cat


Mr. Bigglesworth is renowned, and you’re no various, Aquarius. You might or might not remember this unusual yet lovely breed from the hysterical funny trilogy, Austin Powers, however its acrobatic structure is unique and alien-like. If the Sphynx cat had a judgment world in astrology, it would be none besides unpredictable Uranus. Similarly, absolutely nothing about this cat breed is the “norm” or normal, a minimum of when compared to its fellow felines. For circumstances, in addition to replacing fur for fuzzy yet hair-less suede, the Sphynx chooses to leave its poop revealed in its litter box. Strange is right, however it includes the grass!

British Blue Shorthair


Dreaming away your life, Pisces? Whether you consider its doe eyes or the simple reality that it sleeps 10 to 16 hours each day, whatever about this cat breed resembles you and your dozy planetary ruler, Neptune. Their thick and luxurious fur coat resembles that of a fluffy cloud—all it requires are the drowsy z’s surrounding it. The British Blue’s coat is likewise magical and evasive by nature, thanks to a chameleon-like gene that waters down the black pigment in its fur, offering it a blue-ish tint. Gentle in their personality, they’re sweet and friendly with their liked ones, and fellow cat pals. To believe the both of you appear too good to be real.

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