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Why Do Felines Meow? How to Understand Typical Cat Sounds


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  • Felines mainly meow to people– in welcoming, to get attention, and naturally, when they desire food.
  • The length and volume of the meow, and your cat’s body movement, can use ideas about their state of mind.
  • To enhance your bond, speak calmly, see their students, and let them rub versus you to share fragrance.

Felines interact with a large vocabulary of meows, groans, and purrs– however meowing, in specific, began when people started keeping felines as animals.

Prior to domestication, felines generally interacted through smells, typically by rubbing themselves versus things, states Amanda O’Brien, a cat habits expert at The CriticalCat

” Because people do not have a fantastic sense of odor compared to felines, felines required to discover another method to interact with us once they began their domestic endeavors,” O’Brien states.

Because felines are most likely to meow to people than each other, a singing feline good friend is most likely contending for your attention.

Here are the most typical meows your cat utilizes to interact and what each of them may suggest.

Various kinds of meows

” People utilize various intonations to interact various feelings, and felines have actually established the exact same reaction,” O’Brien states.

Here’s what your cat’s informing you, according to O’Brien:

  • A fast meow: This is typically a welcoming, specifically if you have actually simply gotten in the exact same location.
  • A long, dragged out meow: This generally indicates your cat desires something, like food or attention.
  • Repetitive meows: If your cat is especially excitable or friendly, they may keep “talking” simply to get your attention.
  • A high-pitched meow: This may suggest your cat is starving.

” However it’s not simply the volume or pitch of the noise that matters– it’s likewise for how long they keep it up,” states Melissa Brock, a vet at Pango Pets.

For example, a brief, high-pitched meow might be an invite like, “Hey, come animal me.” However if your cat just meows one or two times and stops when you neglect them, they’re most likely simply tired and desire attention, Brock states.

What do other cat sounds suggest?

Other seem like grumbling, hissing, and purring can likewise have a range of significances.


Felines begin to purr as kitties, and moms often purr to let their children understand that mother is house and there’s no risk in sight.

Purring typically suggests that your cat trusts you and feels material. Nevertheless, purring can often show concern or agitation. For instance, your cat may purr to self-soothe.

” Bear in mind their body movement when they’re purring. If they flatten their ears and raise their fur, they are absolutely not delighted,” O’Brien states.

If your cat reveals their teeth, trousers, or purrs in a greater voice than normal, they more than likely feel distressed.


A roar can show anything from stress and anxiety to fear. A cat who roars with suddenly fluffed hair on their back or tail or a drastically arched spinal column is most likely very upset.

You should not touch your cat while they’re grumbling, as they may bite you when scared. If they react in this manner when they see another cat, it’s an excellent concept to rapidly separate the 2 prior to a battle breaks out.


A cat’s hiss seem like air leaving a tire. Hissing or spitting typically indicates they’re exceptionally distressed. You may likewise observe your cat’s tail twitching or swishing in agitation.

Hissing is typically the last caution indication prior to they snap with their claws or teeth.

If your cat continuously hisses or appears upset typically, you might wish to sign in with your veterinarian. Persistent uneasiness can trigger stress-related health problems like consuming excessive or a weakened body immune system, both of which can add to weight problems and infections.

Analyzing your cat’s meows

We tend to presume that when our cat meows in one method, it indicates something, and when they meows another method, it indicates something completely various, Brock states.

However felines are more nuanced: One meow can communicate an entire variety of significances– and research study recommends individuals can’t analyze particular details from cat vocalizations all that well. Your analysis of their sobs tends to depend upon things like your experience with felines, your gender, and your compassion towards them.

For instance, scientists discovered that woman individuals and those who had actually invested a great deal of time around felines were most likely to properly equate cat noises.

However with a little work, you can find out to comprehend your cat. To enhance your cat interaction abilities, attempt these 3 ideas:

1. Share smells

Letting your cat rub their chin, mouth, or head along your hand or leg assists you socialize your fragrances, making them feel more linked to you. This increases their trust by assisting them differentiate you from a prospective burglar or risk.

2. Keep your intonation and body movement constant

Felines are very delicate and can detect your feelings from subtle hints, like a louder voice, stomping, or sweeping gestures.

” Attempt not to let your aggravation program when talking with them– they’ll detect it no matter how difficult you attempt not to reveal it.” Brock states.

Your tension can increase their tension, so make sure how you reveal your aggravation next time you get home after a long day.

3. Examine their students

It ends up your cat’s eyes likewise use a window to their soul. While their students generally grow bigger in the evening and diminish in broad daytime, student size can offer you insight into what they’re feeling and how to react.

Wide, dilated students may suggest your cat is frightened or delighted. Examine their ears if you’re not sure which one your cat is experiencing. Upright, forward-facing ears recommend your cat is delighted or curious– they’re prepared to play and may desire you to sign up with. Nevertheless, flattened ears may suggest they’re distressed.

Smaller sized students in the evening (like surfboard-shaped students) might suggest your cat feels unsure and may require a little peace of mind. If they’re gazing at a brand-new toy or individual in this manner, opting for them to examine might assist relieve their worries.

Expert’s takeaway

” Felines meow as an outcome of domestication due to the fact that it’s a noise that people can comprehend,” Brock states.

Similar to people have various methods of revealing feeling, felines have various methods of sharing sensations through noises. Your cat’s meow might suggest they’re starving, frightened, or simply tired and wish to play or snuggle.

Listening and reacting to your cat’s vocalizations can enhance your capability to analyze a specific meow, making you a much better cat whisperer.

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