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Watch Moment ‘Thieving Rat’ Cat Steals Owner’s Eyelashes From Her Face


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A cat owner was stunned when she captured the moment her 1-year-old cat stole her false eyelashes from her eyes and ran away with them.

“I had to chase after him to get my eyelashes,” owner Veronica Scheier told Newsweek. “And I could tell he wasn’t happy that I cut his play time short.”

While lying down wearing flawlessly applied false eyelashes, 21-year-old Scheier was blindsided by her cat Odie who came to take her eyelash right off her face and ran away.

Cat Steals Eyelashes
Playful and energetic Odie was caught on camera stealing his owner’s eyelashes. The video has been viewed on TikTok 1.7 million times.

“Odie’s a playful, energetic cat,” she said. “He’s very fond of playing with things like toes, my long hair, and—of course—my eyelashes. He has never ripped them off and ran with them like he did in this video, though.”

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Odie isn’t the only cat to be caught red-handed stealing something that doesn’t belong to him. Bleu Cheese the cat was recently captured looking very accomplished as he stole the covers from his owners’ bed.

Last year another crafty feline figured out how to open the cupboards in his home, getting hold of his cat treats with ease.

Odie lost an eye as a kitten and with partial blindness in his remaining eye, he often uses his paws and mouth to feel the world around him.

Scheier shared the hilarious seven-second clip on TikTok where it has been viewed over 1.7 million times and had over 1,200 comments.

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Alongside the video, Scheier wrote in the text overlay: “I literally cannot believe I got him doing this on video.”

In the caption of the video the shocked owner joked: “The way he scurried away like the little thieving rat he is???”

“He legit said, ‘Nah you look better natural’,” joked one TikToker. While another viewer wrote: “The face of shock I made watching this.”

Another viewer wrote: “He said YOINK.” While another asked: “How does he know they’re not your real lashes?”

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One viewer even suggested that the cheeky cat may have an unusual career in his future and wrote: “Lil lash tech in the making.”

“He’s such a funny, rambunctious little guy, and I’m so happy the video did so well on TikTok,” said Scheier. “All of my friends and family love him, and now the internet can, too.”

Other pet owners shared their cat’s hilarious antics. One commenter said: “I had a senior cat who needed a friend. I wasn’t prepared for the kitten to pull out the caulking around the tub.”

While another cat owner recalled: “My tuxedo cat tried to remove my eyebrow ring.”

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