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Understanding Your Cat: 5 Types of Cats Personalities


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While various stereotypes support “cat people” vs. “dog people” (I’m sure a couple of simply popped into your head), there are likewise stereotypes about cat characters and dog characters. While your dog might excitedly welcome you at the door as if you were gone permanently with a passionate tail wag, your cat might hardly acknowledge your presence with a head nod as if to state, “What up?” and after that delicately continue his roaming. Cats have a track record for being aloof and subtle, however not all cats follow that stereotype.

Researchers in Australia and New Zealand performed a research study to figure out if cats have various character types. If you are a cat owner, you most likely have some concept of where your cat would land! Read on to discover everything about comprehending your cat and the 5 kinds of cat characters.

What did Researchers Find Out about Cat Personalities?

Researchers in Australia and New Zealand supplied an online study to cat owners that represented a swimming pool of 2,802 domestic cats. Owners ranked their cats on a scale from “not at all” to “very much” on 52 various concerns. The concerns consisted of things like “friendly to other cats,” “greedy,” and “seems scared easily.” Taking the information from the study, scientists had the ability to classify the outcomes into among 5 cat characters.

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The character types of cats mirror the personality type of people in lots of methods. One objective of the research study was to help cat owners much better comprehend their cat’s character types. This method, owners can supply the very best home and experience for their animals. Owners can “enhance the quality of life for their cats.”

What are the 5 Types of Cat Personalities?

The 5 kinds of cat characters are called the “Feline Five.” Each cat was scored on a 52-question study. The results detailed habits based upon 5 various characteristics. Read through the personality type a do a fast analysis of your cat! There may be more than one personality type that your cat radiates, however there is most likely one that is most primary.

  1. Extroverts
  2. Agreeable
  3. Impulsive
  4. Dominant
  5. Neurotic

What is an Extroverted Cat?

Domestic Cat, Autumn, Birman, Nature, Winter
Extroverted cats appear curious and alert.

©Liudmila Chernetska/

An extroverted cat resembles an extroverted individual. They appear to be stimulated by being around other individuals and/or other animals. They appear curious and alert. These are the cats that move from one activity to another rapidly, requiring great deals of stimulation. If visitors visit, they might come out to examine vs. going to conceal under the bed. They might purposefully look for their co-pet if they reside in a multi-cat or multi-pet house. They might start play or simply discover a good location to cuddle up to their furry friend.

What should you do if you have an Extroverted Cat?

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If you have an extroverted cat, you need to guarantee they get a lot of socializing. It’s most likely not tough to provide great deals of love and attention to these attention-seeking cats. Researchers likewise encourage that you supply additional stimulation like numerous toys and experiences. They motivate owners to provide “additional stimulation and more complex environmental enrichment to avoid boredom.”

If you work from home, you can set a timer to take a break and spend a couple of minutes having fun with your preferred feline. Each break, transfer to a various room of your home for range. When you are far from home, make interactive toys available, once again putting various toys in various spaces of the home. Be sure to switch out the toys and cat puzzles regularly. One suggestion is to develop 4 shoe boxes of toys and turn a brand-new box every week, periodically including brand-new toys for range. This must provide your extroverted cat the happiest possible home!

What is an Agreeable Cat?

Nice Cat
Agreeable cats are referred to as “friendly” and are frequently restorative cats.


An acceptable cat is simply that, acceptable and simple to agree. If your pals state, “Man, your cat is so chill!” then you understand you have an acceptable cat. These cats go with the circulation and don’t appear to mind sharing “their home” with other animals. They are referred to as “friendly” and are frequently restorative cats. This is the cat that individuals eagerly anticipate coming home to and snuggling with for a night of Netflix. Cats that remain in shelters and show acceptable characters are most likely to be embraced (sensible). If visitors come by, your cat might not come out right now like an extroverted cat, however they typically will pertain to examine and use a “snuggle by” rub versus their leg with a soft purr. A welcome greeting!

What should you do if you have an Agreeable Cat?

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Agreeable cats are usually happy and suggest that you are doing an amazing job taking care of your animal. Keep doing what you are doing! With an acceptable cat, you need to know that they still gain from numerous toys and activities. So don’t simply keep whatever the very same. Add brand-new toys routinely. Cats require promoting interactions to keep their minds active and to remain healthy. So get your phone, tape your cat unpacking a brand-new rollerball, and enjoy their response…extremely enjoyable!

What is an Impulsive Cat?

Funny Red Cat Flying In The Air In Autumn
If you enjoy a spontaneous cat at play, you might wince at a few of its balancings.


An spontaneous cat is a cat that is referred to as careless and irregular. If you have a cat like this, you most likely believe it is a good idea cats have 9 lives! While lots of cat owners have actually experienced their cat in a crazed cat zoomie, a spontaneous cat might show severe zoomies! If you enjoy a spontaneous cat at play, you might wince at a few of its balancings. You might make certain that they will fall the next time they attempt to jump from the top of the refrigerator to the top of your kitchen.

What should you do if you have an Impulsive Cat?

If you have a spontaneous cat, you wish to guarantee they are not acting impulsively since they are stressed out. Cats that are stressed out, are bullied by other cats, don’t have adequate space to play or are caged may act impulsively. If you believe your cat is overstressed, make certain to contact your veterinarian. If your cat has a lot of space and gets great deals of attention, then it is most likely simply naturally a spontaneous kind of cat. You might wish to cat-proof your house a bit for safety. Check for any harmful circumstances your cat may enter. It might likewise be much safer to keep your spontaneous cat as a within cat or restrict their outside time to a fenced-in location for safety.

What is a Dominant Cat?

If you have numerous cats, one might plainly reveal supremacy over the other ones.

©Anna Krivitskaya/

A dominant cat is in charge of your home…you consisted of (a minimum of that’s what they believe!). If you have numerous cats, one might plainly reveal supremacy over the other ones. This might come out as a cat that unexpectedly requires to consume as quickly as among the others begins and pushes them out of the method or the cat that begins battling with other cats…”What you taking a look at?!?”…resulting in a paw-swatting roll on the carpet. This dominant habits originates from habits you see in feral cats that reside in group settings. The women typically collaborate to raise the young, however there is intense competitors in between the males, so supremacy is a favorable characteristic utilized in breeding.

One application of understanding about these character types is if you are thinking about having more than one cat, make certain to consider the character types of each cat so that you don’t develop a circumstance where several of your cats is bullied.

What should you do if you have a Dominant Cat?

If you have a dominant cat, you may wish to choose to have a one-cat household. The scientists of the Australia research study concluded that there requires to be more research study done to help dominant cat owners enhance their cat’s well-being particularly. If you already have numerous cats and one is being dominant to the point that it is impacting the wellness of your other cats, speak to your veterinarian for tips on assisting keep the peace in your household.

What is a Neurotic Cat?

Longest Cats - Siberian Cat
On the spectrum of neuroticism, you might have a cat that is shy to a cat that is constantly nervous.

©Emil Helge/

The last Feline Five is the aberrant cat. While many individuals might believe their cat is aberrant since they oversleep an Amazon box rather of the $50 fleece cat bed you got them, or they knock your red wine glass off the coffee table when you go to utilize the restroom, real neuroticism in cats looks various. On the spectrum of neuroticism, you might have a cat that is shy to a cat that is constantly nervous. This is the cat that removes and conceals under the bed when visitors come by vs delicately taking a look at a visitor and simply keeping walking…”I see you, not interested.” You can have a cat with an unstable character that is healthy and clean, or neuroticism can be an indication the cat is over-stressed.

What should you do if you have a Neurotic Cat?

If your cat is aberrant, ask your veterinarian for guidance. If you believe your cat is shy and suspicious, attempt to be familiar with what circumstances trigger more stress and anxiety. For example, if you have visitors coming by for a celebration, think about having your cat stick with a caretaker. A single-cat household may be the very best alternative for an unstable cat, or monitor interactions more in a multi-cat home. Give your cat time alone and time to chill on their own. Keep toys basic and peaceful. No require to get loud buzzing light-up amusing toys for these cats. Create a subtle caring home, and your aberrant cat must be great. They might even slowly end up being more chill.

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