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‘Super rats’ as huge as cats attacking seaside town in Wales


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‘Super rats’ as huge as cats attacking seaside town in Wales

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Rats the size of cats are attacking a seaside neighborhood in Wales.

The amazingly big rodents, which residents have actually called “super rats,” are using up accommodations in Tenby, a popular beach town that brings in countless summer season travelers, according to The Sun.

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This specific breed of vermin is resistant to over the counter toxins and has such strong teeth they can gnaw through concrete.

Residents there fear the animals — which procedure 20 inches long from head to tail — and one informed the outlet that they are “living in terror.”

Local boatman Roger Miles lamented to the BBC that the bug issue has actually been “really concerning” in current weeks.

“Early evenings, dusk, early morning, rats all over the place really,” he said.

Large Rodents, Being Called “Super Rats,” Are Using Up Accommodations In Tenby.
Getty Images/iStockpicture
Tenby Is A Popular Beach Town With Brings In Countless Summer Season Travelers In Wales.
Alamy Stock Photo

“There’s a certain area where you see parts of the cliff have been eroded. It’s been going on for a long time, it’s been left alone and something needs to be done about it.”

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