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Pet Owners Freak After ‘Phantom Cat Shaver’ Attacks 80 Felines


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An unidentified creep in the U.K. has actually been shaving individuals’s animal cats, and a minimum of 80 furry buddies have actually fallen victim up until now. Pet owners are on high alert as the strange, intrusive pattern increases, specifically considered that a lot of let their cats easily wander. “We would urge any owners whose cats have been victims of the shaving to book an appointment with their vet,” Samantha Watson, a cat professional with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, informed The Washington Post. The attacks have actually been focused in Kent, England, and some owners have actually said their cats were unscathed—aside from the shaving—while others have actually reported their cats hurt. Watson recommended cat owners get the authorities included as shaving a cat might result in criminal charges, she says. Natasha McPhee, who runs charity Animals Lost and Found, called the shavings “cruel and senseless,” and said it appears like the work of numerous assaulters. One animal owner informed regional media she “was so angry” that “some nasty human” had actually shaved her rescue cat George as he’s now “even more skittish” around individuals.

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